Toronto Fashion Week Day 4 – Vawk Gallery

Oct, 20th, 2011

I watched the first five seasons of the US version of Project Runway before growing weary of the drama and surprise challenges. However, I would have loved to have seen Sunny Fong win Season 2 of the Canadian Project Runway. When I saw his collection at TFW I loved the tailoring and stylish cuts. The pieces were elegant and sexy without looking trashy. I’m single at the moment but that didn’t stop me from fantasizing, “That would make a nice present for my girlfriend!” My first choice was the lite and airy tan mini dress (image #26).  A close second was the full length black see-through dress (images #19 & #20). I also liked the cohesive nature of his collection. He was able to show us a range of styles: tuxedos, bathing suits, shorts, pants, mini dresses and full length dresses. Each piece looked like it belonged in the collection. I hope he will have a Fall/Winter collection for TFW in March 2012. I would love to see more of his work!
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