Sidewalk Shoot – My Friend Mabel

Jul, 28th, 2012

Anchors Away

Hi Mabel-
Q- What are you wearing today?
A- My Calvin Klein dress, Gap espadrilles, Land’s End purse and a bracelet from Front & Company (a consignment store on Main St.).
Q- When/where would you wear this?
A- Dinner, date, movies.
Q- How would you describe your personal style?
A- Classic and clean lines.
Q- Who’s your favorite style icon?
A- Marlene Dietrich, she transcends gender definitions of style and fashion.
Q- What shopping secrets would you like to share?
A- Find the style, cuts & colours that look best on your body type and skin tone. A brutally honest friend always helps too!
Q- What’s your current obsession?
A- Belts & silk scarves …. and no, not the puffy types of scarves you hate R!c! ha ha
Q- What comes to mind in five words or less?
A- Know thy body.
R!c I also have some fashion advice from my mom. She taught me, “Sexy can be classy and not trashy. If you’re showing cleavage, pair it with a pants suit or a pencil skirt. If you’re showcasing your legs in a mini, keep your upper body modestly covered.”
Thanks Mabel! In essence, highlight one feature or the other but not both at the same time.
I wasn’t sure if this shoot would actually take place because so many problems occurred initially. First, I bought an accessory to complement Mabel’s outfit. I left it in the cab… Secondly, I didn’t realize the dock where I went sailing a year ago was private. When we arrived, we weren’t allowed past the gate. However the dock’s caretaker gave us a list of nearby marinas. We losing so much time, I began to worry because we both had other plans for 5:00pm. When we arrived at the second marina we were able to walk along the dock. After taking the first shot, we got a few curious glances but no one questioned us. The rest of the story is posted above.
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