Sidewalk Style – Week 32 with Mijune Pak

May, 2nd, 2013

Originally posted 8.10.12
I’ve updated this post because Mijune is featured on the Thursday, May 2nd cover of WE newspaper. The article was a great bio and introduced her as WE’s new resident food writer. I sent her a congratulatory e-mail and wished her well.
August 10, 2012
Mijune is a fashionista. She was very comfortable in front of the camera and graciously posed for several photos. As we chatted I learned she’s a food blogger. She handed me her card before sprinting off to meet her friends who were waiting at a nearby lounge.
When I got home I took a peek at her blog Follow Me Foodie. It was really interesting. Her writing style is similar to mine: honest and descriptive on a personal level. She seems to gravitate towards fine dining restaurants around British Columbia. I’ll be sure to visit her blog the next time I want to impress a dinner date! Lastly, she has a cute and charming video posted on her homepage. However, if you can relate to the references, the video is absolutely hilarious. Hopefully we’ll collaborate in the near future!
Blouse Soaked
Skirt ?? purchased in New Orleans
Purse Muska Milano
Heels Zara

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