Jacqueline Conoir & JAC @ the Italian Day Festival

Jun, 9th, 2013

Commercial Dr. was closed at Broadway for the Italian Day Festival. Natalie and I attended specifically for the fashion show. While we waited for the show to start we strolled through a sea of people. Keeping with the Italian theme, Natalie bought an espresso and I bought meatballs with spaghetti sauce. We saw countless cafes with patrons seated on sunny patios and a sign for a pie eating contest!
We made our way back to the stage as the emcee introduced designer RozeMerie Cuevas. Unfortunately she couldn’t attend but I learned the name Jacqueline Conior is the name of RozeMerie’s mother. Once the show started I was pleasantly surprised to count 18 models. Nine models had 2 – 3 outfit changes for the Jacqueline Conoir line which featured dresses and suits. I liked the purple one sleeve asymmetrical blouse.   I specifically like how the sleeve wraped around the model’s neck. It was quite ingenious!
When the music stopped, the emcee quickly took the stage to introduce the JAC line (pronounced Jack). Nine new models took the stage. They had 1 – 2 outfit changes to feature the stylish urban line.
Special thanks to Hailey (one of the models) for telling me about the show!
The Jacqueline Conoir line

The JAC line


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