Sidewalk Style – Week 28 with Silvia

Jul, 10th, 2013

It was 5:30pm and Silvia was buying a breakfast sandwich. She mentioned she works in the legal field and she was anticipating a long night at the office. In other words, she just bought herself dinner!
As we were chatting we both had a Deja vu moment. We realized we met in September during Vancouver Fashion Night Out! This time her skirt caught my attention. I love how she matched her black blouse to her patterned knitwear skirt. Random thought… Spaghetti straps are sooooo sexy!
Silvia’s wearing:
Sunglasses Chanel
Blouse H&M
Skirt Missoni
Purse Louis Vuitton
Heels Guess

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  1. Marina Frangolias says:

    Thats our Silvia….:-) Need to take her with me next time i go shopping!!

    1. Silvianna Frangolias-Kainz says:

      Thanks Marina u ro so sweet :)

    2. Silvianna says:

      Thanks Marina – you are so sweet :)

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