Skye’s High Tea Birthday Party

Feb, 8th, 2014

Skye celebrated her birthday by inviting her girlfriends to High Tea at Patisserie Fur Elise. As guests sipped tea and snacked on bite sized pastries and finger sandwiches they were asked to share personal stories. Skye handed out tiny pink envelopes which contained random questions. For example, “What are you grateful for?”, “Tell me a time when you said, ‘Yes’ when you should have said, ‘No’” or “Tell me a time when you said, ‘No’ when you should have said, ‘Yes’”. Most stories were funny and guests used the opportunity to recall the first time they met Skye. As one of two men attending the event (as a photographer) I felt like I was eavesdropping on a real life Sex in the City TV episode! While I won’t reveal any secrets, a frequent comment was, “Despite her movie star appearance, Skye has a really big heart.”
After each personal story, Skye gave every guest a hand decorated wine glass she created. As a personal comment, I’ve been to three birthday celebrations hosted by Skye and she’s the only person I’ve ever known that gives her guests gifts at her own party!
Click Skye to see photos of her 2013 party.

Skye’s gift to her friends & the pink question envelope
The birthday girl
Skye & Robin
Mandy Ross & Skye
Fiona, Mary, Skye and Robin
Leigh, Julene and Iilka
Shelly and baby Mackenzie
Jodi, Mary and Robin
Jona – Skye’s son

Patisserie Fur Elise

When I want to sip $3 tea and linger for several hours with my laptop, I’ll go to Blenz or Calhoun’s. However if I had a young daughter (and wanted to make her feel like a princess) I would go to Patisserie Fur Elise. The tea house is a remodeled Victoria era heritage house near Robson & Hamilton. Had the house had wooden floors and antique decorations it would have been the perfect fairy-tale. But none the less, the atmosphere was very charming. It was my first visit to Patisserie but it seemed quite popular. The staff of three ushered in three groups of reservations as I packed my camera gear. Unfortunately, I can’t comment on the pastries or the tea because it’s hard to take photos and eat at the same time. But this is definitely a place I’ll visit again.

Mimi, Fernanda & Linda

Click Patisserie Fur Elise for details.
They are located at 847 Hamilton St near Robson St.


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