Sidewalk Style – Week 28 With Natalie

Jul, 12th, 2014

Natalie said I could post her photos provided I didn’t show her face (for privacy reasons).
Natalie and I had a wide ranging conversation about fashion. She told me she wears heels to the beach. She has a sister that’s a designer and she doesn’t have a style icon. While her outfit (today) consists of typical Vancouver brand names she honestly prefers to shop at small boutiques and favors unique pieces. More importantly she’s a big supporter of Vegan and Eco Friendly clothing. If you feel the same way here’s the results of our conversation. Natalie shared the first two and I provided the last three:

  1. Inhabitat – Stella McCartney’s Vegan line of accessories
  2. Vaute Couture – Apparel and fabrics made from vegan and recycled fibers
  3. Matt & Nat – Fashionable purses made from…
  4. Eco Fashion Week – A 3-day fashion show held in April & October
  5. La Biosthetique – Cosmetics & hair products that avoid animal testing and use Eco friendly production methods.

La Biostheique products can be found at most upscale Vancouver hair salons.
Natalie’s wearing:
Skirt Forever 21
Heels Le Chateau
Sunglasses Bvlgari

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