Handmade with Love from France

Oct, 27th, 2014


Movie Review

Here’s a charming film I saw at the Vancouver International Film Festival.
Horse and buggies were common at the time of my Grandmother’s birth. By the time she passed away the Space Shuttle was making routine flights to the International Space Station. Today we move at the speed of Google!   Predictive algorithms finish our sentences. iPods and Netflix have replaced vinyl records and video rental stores. The next-best-thing has arrived while the last-best-thing still works perfectly.
So what would you do? Would you keep pace with the changing times or would you remain in your comfort zone?   The documentary “Handmade with Love from France” explores this dilemma from the perspective of the fashion world. Do you modernize and cut corners (no pun intended) or do you stay true to craftsmanship and Haute Couture techniques?
The film gives us a glimpse into the skill and expertise required to hand make outfits for Dior, Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent. The film follows:

  • A third-generation specialist in pleat-making;
  • A Designer of perfect artificial flowers whose atelier opened in 1880 and
  • One of three remaining sculptors of wooden forms for hat-making.

The film was a delightful look at a process I can only hope will survive. It’s a must see film if you love fashion or aspire to become a Designer.
I wasn’t able to order the film online so I recommend you contact Julie Georgia Bernard, the Producer at Realitism Films


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