Alcoolique Fashion Show @ the Italian Day Festival 2015

Jun, 14th, 2015

For almost 1.5km Commercial Dr. was closed to cars for the annual Italian Day festival. The street was filled with people, booths and stages. I arrived just before 6pm to photograph fashions by Rocco Adriano Galluccio and Rozemerie Cuevas. The event was coordinated by Irena DeMarco and all heels were provided by Kalena’s Shoes.
Designer Rocco Adriano Galluccio (from Italy) featured his Alcoolique collection. I was blown away when the first model stepped on stage wearing a neon colored jacket. The bold, in-your-face sexiness reminded me of Versace and Bebe.  But after four amazing outfits, the color pallet changed to pastels. I’m a huge fan of the A-line skirts so I didn’t mind the shift from bold to feminine. An extremely confident model wearing a plunging neckline made the audience gasp as everyone wondered if she could “contain” herself. The show featured 29 outfits. The collection was cohesive but the design went from bold (neon) to feminine (A-Line) to classy (sheer patterns) to sexy (swimwear) and finally to playful (pastel terry cloth). The show featured a full range of outfits showcasing Rocco’s design skills.
My desire to see something unique was satiated with the brightly colored pieces from the Alcoolique SS15 campaign. I secretly wish the show would have focused exclusively on these amazing pieces.
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