Pamela Anderson RAW Book Signing & VIP Media Party

Sep, 20th, 2015

The Woman
I was curious how old Pamela Anderson was when she appeared on the 1990’s TV show Baywatch. A quick read of Wikipedia left me shocked to learn she’s a sexual abuse survivor. She was born in Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada and eventually moved to LA. There she graced the pages of Playboy magazine roughly the same time she appeared on Baywatch. Incidentally, she was 25 when played to role of Casey Jean, (C. J.) Parker. I watched 1 or 2 episodes several years after the show was in syndication. While she’s still a sex symbol people are probably more familiar with her recent animal rights activism with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). To read more about Pamela’s background, click the following link: Wikipedia

The Book Signing
As a guest of Vernard J. Goud, LuvnGrace Entertainment, Pamela was in Vancouver to promote her new book. RAW is a coffee table sized book featuring photos spanning the last 10 years of her career. Both herself and Emma Dunlavey, the Co-Author & Photographer, were at the Pinnacle Vancouver Harbourfront Hotel to sign autographs.

Pamela as C.J. Parker on Baywatch
A 10 year photo pictorial of Pamela

The VIP Media Party

The book signing ended at 5:30pm and the party started at 10:00pm. The event occurred on the 19th floor of the same hotel. The venue is one of three downtown locations that feature a top floor with circular layout and a 360-degree view. This detail will become relevant in a moment.
Pam arrived with Emma, Vernard and two nicely dressed 250lbs+ (113kg+) bodyguards. She was escorted to a couch where wine and Trace Water (one of tonight’s sponsors) were chilled on ice. While the media party was invitation only, there was still a frenzied crush of fans,  admirers, local personalities, photographers and social media types.
The event was SURREAL! Unlike a spacious rectangular room, the circular layout constricted everyone in a limited ring of space. Vernard and her two bodyguards formed a semicircle around Pamela’s couch. One moment I was like squished sardine  and other times I felt like a salmon swimming upstream. I jockeyed elbow to elbow with camera phone owners to capture unobstructed shots. Meanwhile the event consisted of… Pamela talking to Emma, sipping wine and sending text messages.  Occasionally, with Venard’s blessing, a Vancouver personality would have a few minutes to sit with Pam, chat and pose for photos. The very striking Chantal Benz and her plunging neckline came close to stealing the moment. After each guest left, Pamela went back to texting, sipping wine and chatting with Emma. It felt like I was watching a TV show while the actors were 15ft (4.5m) away!
The crush of the crowd and camera flashes so intense, Vernard told me Pamela felt a bit overwhelmed and needed a break. She returned after a few minutes of privacy. Everything resumed for another 30-minutes (or so) before Pam and her entourage left.
After an hour, even I was even exhausted. I’m told Pamela is very kind and extremely smart. However, the event didn’t present the opportunity to interact, ask questions or hear her speak.

Pamela sharing the couch & spotlight with Chantal Benz

Seen @ the Event

Pamela Anderson and Co-Author & Photographer, Emma Dunlavey
Marilou and Victoria being playful
Pam and RSVP Beauty Clinic, Dr. Giselle Villar
Local Designer Nancy Perreault, Myriam and ?
Val is wearing a Bebe dress & heels
Roving costume installation by “The Forgotten Goddess”
Danielle and House of Barnes organized the event
All costumes were provided by Boo La La Costumes
Designer & Performer Cadence of Divaukas Design
Cadence designed her headpiece
Tracey & Meghan


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