Sidewalk Style – Week 37 With Ericka

Sep, 12th, 2015

Every weekend young ladies dress-up in short skirts and high heels as the visit clubs and restaurants in Yaletown, Gastown and Granville St. I met Ericka as she was handing out discount tickets to promote a club that recently opened. Her fiery red hair and flowing skirt were easy to spot. I liked how her hair acted as a pop of color for a classic red, black & white color combination.
Her make-up was the inspiration for her outfit. To get into the zone of “go get ’em” and chat with people about the new club, she chose a make-up style that felt bold, strong and aggressive. It worked! When she looked in the mirror she felt powerful and confident.
Ericka’s wearing:
Bodysuit: American Apparel
Heels Steve Madden

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