The Red Effect – Hosted by The Sin City Launch Party

Sep, 11th, 2015

The event was billed as luxury cars, visual arts and fashion at the Waterfall Building. Guests were encouraged to wear something red. Four cars were parked in a small courtyard outside the venue. However the Luxury & Super Car Weekend is tomorrow and the event will feature several acres of cars. So I headed inside to see who wore what.
Glamour Collection by Designer Nancy Perreault

Tima G. Designs by Fatemeh Nasserzadeh

In keeping with tonight’s theme, Fatemeh designed the red gowns shown below. The stunning jump suit worn by Sarah was purchased at Bebe. Unfortunately Fatemeh had a conflict and couldn’t attend tonight.

(L to R): Sarah, Adele, ?, Asztrid and Angel
Sarah giving Asztrid the voodoo!

Seen @ the Show

With the exception of a couple rebels, guests came dressed to impress in shades of red that ranged from bright Fire Engine Red to dark Crimson.

Angela writes for her blog.
She’s known for her fun attitude and bold fashion style!
She has an amazing collection of heels
Sexy outfit would have been stunning in red. I’m just saying….
Performer Marilou Catanjal sang a couple songs
Fatemeh designed her dress
Galina & Iryna
Kamantha was tonight’s Emcee.
Elva and Julian Naidoo (Founder of Hotshotz Staffing & Events)
Elva is designing her own collection.
Elva and Grace

Celine & Adele

Mona, Sana & Reena

Can you believe Sarah doesn’t have this amazing jumpsuit anymore!
Galiina and male model friend
David Brown and his lovely wife Adele
They came up with idea for tonight’s event.


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