Ultra Rich Asian Girls Season 2

Sep, 9th, 2015

The Ultra Rich Asian Girls (of Vancouver) held their press conference at the Hard Rock Theater in Coquitlam to announce the launch of season 2. The first episode is scheduled to air on You Tube Sunday, 09.13.15.  Simply search You Tube for HBICtv. A new episode will be posted each week.

Producer Kevin Li introduced the season 2 cast members.

For those unfamiliar with the premise of the show, the camera will follow five independent Chinese Canadian women as they shop, dine and attend social functions. Conversations will flow back and forth between English and Mandarin. More importantly each episode is unscripted  and cast members are NOT actresses. The HBICtv website states, only the venue is planned and events unfold organically. A documentary style look gives viewers a glimpse into cast member’s lives.
What’s different about Season 2?

  • Chelsea  is the only cast member from Season 1. The media savvy Queen B Yiming Zhao (aka Florence or Flo.Z) is gone. The sweet 19 year old Coco Paris is gone and so is Joy.

  • Season 2 cast members were friends  long before filming began. In sharp contrast, during the Season 1 press conference two cast members openly stated they were NOT friends with other members. It was a foreshadowing of the drama soon to follow.

  • Season 2 has 6 episodes.  Each episode was filmed over a week. Episodes from Season 1 typically represented a day’s activity.

  • HBIC means, “Hot Boss In Charge”.  In Season 1 the “Hot B**ch In Charge” was a playful way to describe the show’s bling factor. Although some viewers didn’t appreciate the acronym’s humor.

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Press Conference

Kevin gave an opening statement, cast members introduced themselves and the promotional trailer was played. One reporter asked about Season 1 cast member Yiming Zhao’s families’ legal troubles. Rather than speculate Kevin simply wished her the best and said he’s awaiting the outcome of the trial.
Diana Kim, the fifth cast member was not present. Her bio is displayed on the HBICtv website and she’s in several cast member group shots. Pam Zhao, the series Associate Producer was introduced as the newest cast member. Her bio can be found on the website, however Pam is missing from the cast member group shots.  It will be interesting to see how the series unfolds.

Chelsea Jiang – Season 1 cast member
Weymi Cho
Pam Zhao
Ray Rui
Reporter Tina Song conducted a press conference in Mandarin for Omni News BC

The girls coincidentally all wore black to the press conference!
Producer Desmond Chen (center)


You couldn’t tell but Chelsea was pregnant during season 1. In an upcoming episode of Season 2, Chelsea said with a smile, she was exercising while she was pregnant.
Chelsea has an easygoing, carefree attitude. She mentioned during Season 2 she was just being herself and she had no expectations as a result of being in the show.

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Chelsea’s wearing a dress by local designer Karmn
… and Tom Ford heels


Weymi is all business. She recently graduated from Blanche Macdonald with a Fashion Marketing degree and plans to start high end lifestyle magazine named Weigela. URAG2 will give her the opportunity to promote her magazine.

Seen @ Eco Fashion Week, Day 1 just before the Carlie Wong show
Click Sidewalk Shoot to see photos of our random meeting.
Weymi’s wearing a David Koma dress (the only one in Vancouver)
I like how her blue heels match the blue detail in her dress.


Pam is the Founder of PLY Talent Management (a local modeling agency). She said URAG2 will give her an opportunity to promote her agency. In an upcoming episode she pleased a client with the way she handled a film project. She also added that people shouldn’t be too judgmental when watching the series because its 15-minute glimpse into someone’s life. Hmmm… sounds like some drama will unfold.

We did this shoot Sept. 2011!
We lost touch and reconnected during URAG Season 1.
Pam’s wearing Maje skirt, a Philip Lim blouse
…and Charlotte Olympia heels


This was my first time meeting Ray. She was friendly and someone you could imagine meeting for a beer. I don’t know if she drinks beer, but I’m just saying… Like Chelsea and Pam, Ray is university educated. She holds a dual Finance and Marketing degree from Sauder School of Business. She’s started a company called Rono Marketing Group Ltd. URAG2 will give her an opportunity to promote her company. In an upcoming episode she travels to a city she’s visited before. However the trip was interesting when she went to a different part of the city she hadn’t seen before.

Ray’s wearing a Diane von Furstenberg dress
…and a pair of Louboutins.


Diana wasn’t able to attend today’s press conference. She’s prominently displayed on the HBICtv website and You Tube promotional trailer. Her bio states she’s a UBC student, speaks English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese. Lastly, she would like to try creating her own real estate app.
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