Hannah Middleton Swim, My Sidewalk Shoot With…

Oct, 31st, 2015

Boxers cause knockouts and Laura is a knockout!  She’s wearing a stunning magenta colored bikini from the Jewel Tone Spring 2015 collection of Hannah Middleton Swim.
Hannah is self-taught Vancouver swimwear designer. She got the inspiration to start her own company when people kept asking about the swimsuits she made for herself. She felt/feels most companies don’t tailor swimsuits for the female shape.
Laura’s suit is representative of the other pieces in Hannah’s collection. All are cut to accentuate the female shape. She knows her plunging necklines and thong cut bottoms are provocative. She says they are best suited for confident minded women that don’t mind being in the spotlight.
Hannah custom makes each suit with high quality nylon Lycra. Her prices range from $130 – $160.
If you’re planning a winter vacation to warmer climates click Hannah Middleton Swim for more information about her and her collection. Also click Vanstyles III to see a fashion show featuring her swimsuits.
To my surprise Laura isn’t a model. She’s helped Hannah a couple times but she’s student and dancer. She aspires for a career in the health care field.
Hannah did Laura’s hair and make-up! Special thanks to:

  • Aldo Shoes for the magenta colored lace-up heels
  • Griffins’ boxing gym




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