The White Effect – Fashion Show & Gala Event

May, 14th, 2016

The White Effect (and the Red Effect before it) were fashion events where everyone arrived wearing the color of the event’s title. It was enjoyable to see the variety of outfits.
Shannon bought her dress earlier that afternoon at Nordstrom. She paired it with black heels. Ladies typically wore a variety of gowns and body con dresses paired with white, nude and silver color heels. Guys had more of a challenge wearing all white so we tended to complement our outfits with grey, black or khaki.
Early in the evening I had to race home and sadly missed the first two designers of the fashion show. The remaining three designers presented approximately five pieces each. Fatima Nasserzadeh presented during the Red Effect and Teresa Farese presented her pieces at Vancouver Fashion Week. The fashion shows were brief considering the line-up of singing and dance performances.
The venue is architecturally stunning. However, the glass and concrete collected the heat (even on a cloudy day). I found myself outside cooling off and missed Marilou Cantrell’s singing performance.
In between performances the Jazz Aces did a great job of jazzing-up pop songs. Pink Thai provided appetizers which quickly disappeared. Pink Ladies Event Planning brought a two tiered butter cream wedding cake but if was for display only.
The event was held at the Waterfall Building and organized by David Guembhyt Jr., Hot Republic and HR Events. The fashion show was organized by Savanna Franklyn, Pipikini: House of Fashion.


Tanisha, Zack and Courtney

Grace and Joanne

Fashion Show Excerpts

Sadly I missed the first two designers Lu Liu and Heng Hsuan Lee. However, each designer sent 3 – 5 pieces down the runway. I’ve featured highlights from the remaining three designers.

Designer: Sherry Anne Cascayan worn by Morgan
Designer: Sherry Anne Cascayan worn by Anita
Designer: Sherry Anne Cascayan worn by Ariella Renee
A Tima G Collection dress worn by Pandora
A Tima G Collection dress worn by Christine
Designer: Teresa Farese worn by Medina
Designer: Teresa Farese worn by Therés
Designer: Teresa Farese worn by Medina
Designer: Teresa Farese worn by Morgan
Nathan, Savannah Fashion Show Organizer (Pipikini: House of Fashion) and Designers: Fatima Nasserzadeh, Heng Hsuan Lee and Lu Liu. Designer Sherry Anne Cascayan is not shown above.

Musical Interludes by…

The Jazz Aces

Seen @ the Show

Vendella modeled during the “Red Effect”
Patricia is wearing a dress from the fashion show
Designer: Lu Liu

Dance Performances

Miracle Dance Group: Jessy, Hana & Mira
Mira Lin
Emily performed a solo dance routine
Back for a second performance.

Singing Performance

Sadly I missed Marilou’s performance but Michella Dobro sung an amazing rendition of Alicia Keys “Empire State Of Mind”.

The dress is from the Tima G Collection

Seen @ the Show

? & Jen
Anita modeled in the fashion show and made the blouse she’s wearing!

Kateryna & Yulia
Seated: Yumi & David, “White Effect” Organizer
Nathan, Marilou, Myriam & Bouchra


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