My Sidewalk Shoot With Yulia

Jul, 2nd, 2016

Yulia’s favorite color is black. When we discussed the shoot I suggested we find and outfit with a bit of color. While shopping we found jumpsuit. Sigh, it was black but, it paired well with her black mini dress. We did manage to find a dress that complemented the color of her hair. I added a pair of cinnamon colored heels and Yulia spotted the Mocha & Black clutch. We started with the intention of shooting one outfit but ended up shooting all three!
Each outfit reflected different aspects of Yulia’s personality.   The jumpsuit made her feel professional, elegant and tall. The slits and figure hugging earth tone colored dress made her feel playful and flirtatious. The black mini dress came from Yulia’s closet. The lace bodice represented romance and femininity. It also made her feel classy and sexy.
Yulia’s wearing:
Jumpsuit: ALC
Purse (mocha/black): Jean & Jax
Heels: Cape Robbin
Dress (rust, tan, cream): Giusy
Purse (mocha/black): Jean & Jax
Heels: Cape Robbin
Dress (black mini dress): Le Chateau
Purse (black): Halston Heritage
Special Thanks to Eva Svobodova for hair & make-up


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