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My sexy wife Nissa having a 89 Octane Martini
The twins Anastaisa and R!c Jr.
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Ok, so I’m not married with children (yet)… However It’s probably a blessing in disguise because I’ve worked nights and weekends to transform my ideas into SidewalkRunway. During my journey I’ve encountered setbacks and achieved some awesome milestones. To create something truly unique I’ve been involved in every detail of the site. For instance, I’ve selected the font your reading to the outfits women wore on “planned” Sidewalk photo shoots. I’ve uploaded all the content and taught myself how to use several software programs including WordPress. Also, I’ve illustrated the site’s look & feel for the Web Developers at Deversus.
Hopefully, you will like what you see, hear and read.

My Goals

Photograph people (mainly women) that take pride in looking their best. Capture unique images and write original blogs about fashion design, runway shows, retail shops and sidewalk style.

  • Runway Collections:
    Photograph fashion shows and interview women that strut down the catwalk. Some images will be theatrical and impractical but most will gravitate towards stylish ready-to-wear collections.

  • Seen @ the Show:
    Photograph the fashion of people sitting in the audience. Fashion shows are the perfect events to dress up & show-off!

  • Boutiques & Cafes:
    Write about discount stores and boutiques. Featured boutiques will lean towards those that promote local designers or offer unique fashions. Write about cafes and restaurants. Offer tasty recommendations for where to rest and refuel during your shopping spree.

  • Sidewalk Images:
    Photograph fashion real women wear. Some images will be planned photo shoots with friends but most will be spontaneous shots with random fashionistas. Images will give: 1) Women creative outfit ideas, 2) Designers inspiration for new collections and 3) Stylists examples of how women are creating their own trends.

Each week I’ll do my best to keep you coming back for more!

R!c’s Other Job

Like most Bloggers I have a day job. My role is similar to that of an Internal Consultant. My work is analytical and project driven. It’s so different from fashion, I rarely tell my co-workers about SidewalkRunway. While my day job is rewarding and finances my creative endeavours, it limits the amount of time I can devote to posting new content. I figure I can post about 1/10th of my ideas!

R!c’s Fashion Connection & Photography Beginnings

My earliest memories of fashion involved my mother and worship. Each week our family got dressed-up and attended services. I didn’t think much of it at the time but I remember women (and my mom) wore stylish dresses, hats and gloves. Men wore suits, ties and freshly shined shoes.
In my junior year of high school, I swapped my pencils and brushes for a camera. The camera was a welcome change. Photography was interactive as opposed to the quiet solitude of drawing and painting. After teaching myself the technical settings on the camera, I was able to adopt the artistic principals of color, composition and light. My dad paid for my film processing and my Aunt helped me buy my first Canon.


R!c’s Definition of Fashion

Fashion is varied and highly personal. Some prefer vintage and others live by designer labels. I prefer simplicity, clean lines, fitted pieces and color coordinated outfits. To visualize what I consider fashion, I’ve listed several designers I admire. Yes, they are extremely expensive but awesome outfits can be created from second hand boutiques and discount stores.

  • I love the clean simplicity of Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein and Narciso Rodriguez.
  • I admire the creative genius of Vicktor & Rolf and Alexander McQueen (Sarah Burton).
  • For a variety of reasons I like Marc Jacobs, Sunny Fong (Vawk) and Jean Paul Gautier.
  • I’m turned on by the unabashed sexiness of Julien MacDonald.

I practice what I preach. I wear clean and simple pieces that can be easily mixed and matched. I look best in fall colors and I tend to gravitate towards Calvin Klein and Kenneth Cole.

R!c’s Photography Philosophy

Some of my “Sidewalk” images are shot from behind. It’s simply where I’m standing when someone amazing walks by. Alternatively, I like to ask a person if I can use their photo. I’ll snap a picture from behind if I don’t have time to ask permission.
I’ve invested in a powerful telephoto lens and high quality camera. I can zoom-in from a distance and/or enlarge images to emphasize small details.
Photoshop is an amazing tool however, I use it sparing. I try my best to take “post ready” photos.
I think with my eyes.

R!c’s Runway Rant

A 15-minute runway show is the culmination of months of hard work. For everyone to truly appreciate the show, here are a few observations:

  • Stylists – FYI, price tags on the soles of model’s shoes flash like neon signs with each step.
  • Models – Don’t release your nervous energy by speed walking down the runway. Slow down so we can see what you’re wearing!
  • Models – Don’t walk down the runway with your hands on your hips or stuffed in your pockets. It ruins the flow and lines of the garment.
  • Patrons – Be nice to the event volunteers. They are typically given conflicting instructions by frazzled organizers moments before the show.
  • Designers – Watching jeans on the runway is the equivalent of watching a DVD at a museum. Boring! Create something unique.
  • Designers – Add detail to the back of your pieces. On the “sidewalk” people usually do a double-take when a nicely dressed woman walks by.
  • Organizers – I’ve seen several models fall, so seek their input as you’re designing your super stylish runway!
  • Organizers – Put your collection in the best light! Uneven or low lighting may be unnoticeable to patrons but it’s a nightmare for photographers that want to promote your work.


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