Sidewalk Style, Toronto – Week 11

Mar, 17th, 2012

   I’m reasonably certain this lady was fifty-something… She was impeccably
   dressed. I would have loved to chat with her but she looked like she was
   enjoying the moment with her husband (just out of frame).

Toronto Fashion Week Day 5 – “Seen @ the Show” Style (1 of 4)

Mar, 16th, 2012



This is my favorite non-runway image of TFW. First, Irene honestly seemed surprised when I asked if I could take her photo. I knew instantly I had to do a good job to overcome any uncertianty. I used two different lens and we tried two different locations in a span of 3 – 4 minutes. Second, if you’ve read my bio, About R!c, “R!c’s Definition of Fashion” then you know I love a “sophisticated simplicity” fashion style. Third, her smile was warm and genuine. Lastly, her outfit complemented the background perfectly. Once I showed her the images she began to understand what I was attempting to do. It’s a nice feeling when I can pleasantly surprise someone with a photo.

Jacket white Zara
Jacket black Comptoir Des Cottonier
Boots Ralph Lauren

Sidewalk Style, Toronto – Week 11

Mar, 11th, 2012

   This is my favorite Toronto Street Style image. I just finished an amazing shoot
   with Paola and was headed back to my hotel. It was late in the day and I was
   hungry and tired but the lighting was perfect so I kept my camera ready. At
   that moment, the perfect image presented itself… I love her stride,
   flowing hair and red, white and blue color combination..

Sidewalk Style, Toronto – Week 11

Mar, 11th, 2012

   I like burgundy purse with the beige heels, tan jacket and black jeans.

Sidewalk Style, Toronto – Week 10

Mar, 10th, 2012

Sidewalk Style – Week 05

Feb, 1st, 2012

Sidewalk Style – Week 05

Jan, 30th, 2012

Sidewalk Style – Week 01

Jan, 1st, 2012

   Red, Black & White!

Sidewalk Style – Week 50

Dec, 7th, 2011