Sidewalk Style – Week 02

Jan, 10th, 2012

   She did an amazing job of matching the color of her jacket and boots!

Toronto Fashion Week – Insiders Seen @ the Show (2 of 8)

Oct, 21st, 2011



Not only was Sharon wearing a leather jacket with incredibly detailed design work, she was also carrying a Nikon camera. We chatted for a bit and she told me both her and her sister manage a blog called Backstreet Stylers.

Jacket Vawk
Pants Thakoon
Heels Alexander McQueen
Purse Chanel

Sidewalk Style, Toronto – Week 43

Oct, 21st, 2011

   Shopping Spree… I loved how she matched the color of her purse and boots.

Sidewalk Style, Toronto – Week 43

Oct, 19th, 2011

   She’s wearing four different shades of brown but she did an
   awesome job of making it look effortless!

Sidewalk Style, Toronto – Week 43

Oct, 17th, 2011

   I’ve never seen the combination of silver and chocolate brown.
   It’s unique and I love it!

Sidewalk Style, Toronto – Week 43

Oct, 16th, 2011

   Notice the black and white patterns in her jacket are matched by her boots and

Sidewalk Style, Royalty on Robson – Lolita Princesses Gallery

Oct, 8th, 2011

My jaw literally dropped when I saw Helena, Sharon and Tamie on Robson St. Their outfits were color coordinated and immaculate. They were hesitant to talk at first but relaxed once I gave them my business card. They explained that some people take their photo for the purpose of belittling them online. It’s hard to image why people would be so mean to three women so sweet.
They took great pride in sharing the details of their shoes, dresses, purses and coats. As I took their photo, others stopped to take their photos as well. We attracted enough attention people wondered if the trio were visiting movie stars. An elderly Canadian lady asked if they were headed to a special event. They said, “No, we simply like to dress-up.”
We said goodbye as the last traces of twilight gave way to the evening. It was a nice experience meeting three women that embody the definition of fashion.
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