Insider Seen @ the Vancouver Fashion Week Opening Gala (8 of 11)

Sep, 18th, 2012

Gloria’s white jacket and pearl style necklace caught my eye. As we started chatting I realized she was hiding a lovely polka dotted dress. She’s a Wedding Planner, Make-up and Hair Artist.

Sidewalk Style – Week 30

Jul, 25th, 2012

“Miss I” asked me not to use her name. She was a bit camera shy but I captured a nice smile once she let her hair down (literally). She loves her Coach purse because it doubles as a small backpack. She loves her Kate Spade heels because they fit comfortably AND she can run in them. We ended up chatting for an hour before parting company! Miss I is an audit professional.
Blazer Armani
Purse Coach
Heels Kate Spade
(30-7, 9929, 30)

Sidewalk Style – Week 36

Sep, 2nd, 2011

Sidewalk Style – Week 32

Aug, 6th, 2011

   I’m reasonably certain she was in her mid-forties…

Sidewalk Style – Week 32

Aug, 1st, 2011

Sidewalk Style – Week 29

Jul, 13th, 2011

   Guy on the go, conference call and coffee.