Fashionista Seen @ the Vancouver Fashion Week Opening Gala (6 of 11)

Sep, 18th, 2012

It’s always a pleasure to see Stacey because this lady knows how to dress! I first met her at Carlie Wong’s fashion show. Click here to see
Stacey’s first outfit. No sooner than I posted her first photo, I got an e-mail from Talia (who lives in Toronto). She was excited to see
her design school friend on SidewalkRunway!
Stacey’s wearing:
Bustier Alexander Wang
Blouse Paul Smith
Pants Paul Smith
Purse Margiela
Heels Louis Vuitton

Sidewalk Style – Week 34

Aug, 24th, 2012

In the past Paige has been a part-time art model. Currently she’s training to become a Financial Planner. She’s just started dabbling with photography. She enjoys dressing nice but our encounter made her realize: 1) People notice when you dress nice and 2) Dressing nice can inspire others. We ended up chatting for almost an hour before parting company.
A general rule of thumb is to match your purse and heels. However I really like how she selected a white purse to highlight the white pattern in her skirt. Bravo!
Blouse Mount Cashmere
Skirt Anne Klein
Purse ??
Heels Cynthia Rowley
(34-15, 11206 – 11)

Fashionista Seen @ the Rachel Zoe Show

Aug, 9th, 2012



Thirty-minutes before the Rachel Zoe fashion show I noticed an attractive lady take a seat near the beginning of the runway. Unfortunately I was standing near the Media Pit at the end of the runway. I would have lost my prized spot had I tried to introduce myself. Immediately following the show I had a rare opportunity to photograph a Holt Renfrew executive. I thought my opportunity to meet the attractive lady was lost. However to my surprise she too had lingered after the show. As I approached her group I heard her say she runs 25K per week. I introduced myself by saying, “You run 20K per week more than I do!”
As the conversation switched from running to fashion, Cindy introduced me to her girlfriend Shonna Dudar. Shonna’s a Stylist and dressed Cindy from head to toe. The combination of Cindy’s smile and her impeccable outfit was incredible. It was a nice way to end to the show. Ten minutes later I was sitting at my office desk trying to concentrate on my Excel spreadsheet.
Jacket Zara
Blouse Zara
Shorts Zara
Purse Prada
Heels Zara

Sidewalk Style – Week 31

Aug, 3rd, 2012

Oh my gosh! Ladies, Lisa’s dress was definitely unique and nicely paired with her purse. She didn’t know the designer’s name but she bought it in NYC.
Purse Balenciaga
Heels Stuart Weitzman
(31-12, 300 – 303, 305, 312)

Sidewalk Style – Week 31

Aug, 3rd, 2012

Minni and her girlfriend were headed for sushi. It’s been a week since we met and can’t remember what her girlfriend said to make her laugh but I was lucky to catch her spontaneous smile. Minni hasn’t modeled but I like how the color of her blouse, skirt and purse complemented her skin tone.
Blouse Tara Jarmon
Skirt H&M
Purse Louis Vuitton
Heels ?? West End boutique…
(31-8, 10252 – 55)

Sidewalk Style – Week 31

Aug, 2nd, 2012

Midya’s dress is reminiscent of Burberry’s pattern however the designer is Karen Millen. She bought it in Russia.
Dress Karen Millen
(31-6, 10231, 32)

Sidewalk Style – Week 30

Jul, 28th, 2012

Karen and her girlfriend Sim were running late for dinner. They stopped long enough for me to take a couple quick photos. Karen has never modeled but she’s begun to approach a couple agencies.
Blazer Aritzia
Blouse Garage
Pants Latitude
Bracelet Chan Luu
Purse Aldo
Heels Aldo
(30-20, 10116 – 19)

Sidewalk Style – Week 30

Jul, 27th, 2012

Andrea and I have chatted a dozen times at her job. She even visits fashion blogs. However when I saw her on Granville St. I walked right past her. She’s casually dressed at work and I almost didn’t recognize her in heels and a little black dress!
Blazer Zara
Dress H&M
Heels Christian Louboutin
(30-16, 10033, 34)

Sidewalk Style – Week 30

Jul, 26th, 2012

Jean spends the first 30-minutes of each morning reading fashion blogs. Hopefully she’ll add me to her favorites! As we were chatting about her outfit I was surprised to learn her blouse and skirt were from two different stores.
Blouse Wilfred
Skirt Club Monaco
Purse Marc by Marc Jacobs
Heels Pour La Victoire
(30-10, 9952, 53)