Model Seen @ the Vancouver Fashion Week Opening Gala (3 of 11)

Sep, 18th, 2012

Kanika is being made-up back stage. She’s wearing a sari designed by Farida Z. Lalji Clothing.

Sidewalk Style – Week 36

Sep, 2nd, 2012

(36-8, 11403)

Sidewalk Style – Week 32

Aug, 7th, 2012

The pattern on Andrea’s dress and stockings caught my attention. She had spent time teaching English in Kenya. That’s where she bought her dress. Yes, the designer is Kenyan.
Dress KooRoo
Stockings Wolford
Purse Marc Jacobs
Heels Mui Mui
(32-13, 10381 – 84)

Powell Street Festival – Belly Dancing Performance

Aug, 5th, 2012

The Powell Street Festival is an annual event and it was my third year attending. Sunday was fairly warm but that didn’t stop Negma (bottom left) and Maki (bottom right) and from putting on an entertaining show. I really liked Negma’s finger cymbal routine. She stood motionless except for when she shook her hips and used her finger cymbals to mimic the beat of the music.

Powell Street Festival Fashion – Sidewalk Style Week 32 with Reiko

Aug, 5th, 2012


Powell Street Festival Fashion – Sidewalk Style Week 32 with Chizuru

Aug, 5th, 2012


Sidewalk Style – Week 27

Jul, 6th, 2012

Fatima was soooo sweet! Like most women I’ve met, she’s seen her fair share of unflattering photos of herself. So naturally she was camera shy when we met.
Her headscarf and Ali Babba pants made her stand-out in the crowd. Then if you look closely, you’ll notice she’s expertly mixed and matched four colors! As we chatted she shared her secret. She had her blue and green headscarf custom dyed. Plus she chose the grey fabric and had her blouse custom made. Her shoes were bought at a street market in Pakistan.

Sidewalk Shoot – My Friend Soutomi

Jun, 9th, 2012

“A Bengali in Beijing”


Hey Soutomi,

Q- What are you wearing today?
A- Ric, I am wearing a Lotus Eye sari and Aldo heels.

Q- When/where would you wear this?
A- At a wedding, cultural festivities and formal dinner parties.

Q- How would you describe your personal style?
A- Simple and elegant, with a touch of chic.

Q- Who’s your favorite style icon?
A- Mita Naidu of Lotus Eye

Q- What shopping secrets would you like to share?
A- Mix and match items and always buy clothing you really like and are comfortable in.

Q- What’s your current obsession?
A- Kickboxing.

Q- What comes to mind in five words or less?
A- Fun and adventure!
Thanks Soutomi!
Soutomi is an interesting lady of contrasts. She’s a fashionista but she’s a comfort junkie. She rarely wears heels. She’s “walked” in a few runway shows but does so to help her friend Mita promote her collection. She’s done a couple photo shoots but she has no desire to pursue modeling in her spare time. Instead she wants sexy photos to look at when she’s 80!
Here’s a link to the Lotus Eye fashion show I photographed in February.

Sidewalk Style – Week 23

Jun, 9th, 2012

Nuha was a bit surprised by my request. But honestly, I’ve grown accustomed to seeing women in miniskirts & heels. I was confronted with this realization when she walked by. I find it interesting how she combined different pieces from clothing stores on Robson St. to create her own personal style.
Jacket Aritzia
Dress BCBGMAXAZRIA (or Banana Republic)
Pants The Bay