Sidewalk Style – Week 24 with Ekaterina

Jun, 15th, 2013

It had been a few months but Ekaterina recognized me from Vancouver Fashion Week F/W 2013. She was enjoying the afternoon strolling around Robson St. when we met. I learned she’s currently attending classes. Her outfit is a bit casual for Sidewalk Runway but I liked the monochromatic aspect of her jacket, purse, pants and flats. Each piece had a slightly different shade of tan but the overall effect worked.
Ekaterina’s wearing:
Jacket O’Live Hotstuff
Blouse & Pants ?
Purse Guess
Flats Aldo

Sidewalk Style – Week 21 with Peris

May, 25th, 2013

Peris (sounds like Paris) is from LA. She was visiting her cousin Honey (yes, her name is Honey). She was receiving a tour of downtown Vancouver. We met as she was posing for tourist photo. I liked her hat and asked if I too could take a photo. She couldn’t recall the designer’s name but she bought her hat in a boutique in Beverly Hills.
Jewelry Bvlgari

Sidewalk Style – Week 21 with Jen

May, 24th, 2013

Jen is most comfortable when she’s wearing black. It’s hard to tell from the photo but she’s actually wearing a Navy blue & white wrap dress. It was the perfect match for her purse which added a pop of color. She also mentioned her purse always seems to attact complements.
Jen’s wearing:
Dress Ann Taylor

Sidewalk Style – Week 21 with Rinchen in Chicago

May, 23rd, 2013

I met Rinchen as she was taking a late afternoon break. As we chatted, I learned we have left brain, professional office jobs and right brain, fashion blogs! It was a treat to compare notes with someone who also documents street fashion. As for her personal style she loves metallic colors. She was proud to show me her matching clutch and heels (bought from two different stores).
Rinchen’s wearing:
Jacket Akira
Purse Urban Outfitters
Heels Nine West
Later that evening I visited her first blog “The Style Outlier”. I enjoyed viewing her photos and reading her posts. The site hasn’t been updated since September but that’s because she’s put her effort into her new blog “High on DIY”. In her April 29th post she used pliers and gold wire to make clip on earrings! In her April 22nd post she used Turmeric Powder to dye a pillow case bright yellow!