Anime Revolution Fashion on Friday – Day 1

Aug, 18th, 2013

The Anime Revolution 2013 took place at the Vancouver Convention Centre. It was almost as fun to watch the expressions of tourists as it was to see the people dressed up as their favorite characters. While there was a wide range a costumes and characters I photographed a few that caught my attention.

Panty & Stocking   was Japanese anime television series in 2010. Panty & Stocking (the Anarchy Sisters) are angels who were kicked out of Heaven due to their bad behavior. The series revolves around their trying to collect enough Heavenly Coins to buy their way back into heaven by destroying Ghosts. Their powers include the ability to transform their lingerie into weapons.
Tiffany is Stocking   She’s has transformed one of her stockings into a Katanas sword.

Details courtesy of Wikipedia
Chloe as Legs Avenue

Anime Revolution Fashion on Saturday – Day 2

Aug, 18th, 2013


Street Fighter   is a video game which was first released in 1993. Cammy White code named Killer Bee was is the second female character in the Street Fighter series. Cammy is a member of a British Special Forces team known as Delta Red.
“You must enjoy being beat. Let me remodel your face one more time.” Cammy
Mary Jane is Cammy   Mary Jane travelled from Vancouver Island to attend the convention.

Details courtesy of the Street Fighter Wikia


Usavich   is an animated short film about two rabbits, Kirenenko and Putin jailed in a Soviet prison. The first season showed the rabbits’ prison life and the second season showed their life on the run after they escaped.
Jenny is the human form of Kirenenko.   She hand painted her prison uniform!
Several of Jenny’s images were featured in the Community section of the Asian Pacific Post newspaper.

Details courtesy of Wikipedia

October 2011 was the first time I saw Lolita fashion.    Click Royalty On Robson to see the first time I met Tamie and Helena. I’m told there are certain cities in Japan where it’s quite common to see women wearing Lolita fashion.
This year fashionistas had an opportunity to meet the iconic Angelic Pretty Designers Maki and Asuka. Guests got to see their latest Lolita collection and enjoy a tea party.
Helena and Tamie   are wearing the Sweet Lolita style. However, there are nine Lolita styles including Goth, Innocent Gore and Casual.




My Little Pony   is an animated TV series about a unicorn pony who learns about friendship in the town of Ponyville.
Anita is the human form of Twilight Sparkle.   She made her outfit.

Details courtesy of Wikipedia

Anime Revolution Fashion on Sunday – Day 3

Aug, 18th, 2013

Keely   travelled from the Sunshine Coast to attend the Angelic Pretty tea ceremony.

Tiffany   modeled during Vancouver Fashion Week a couple seasons ago.


Chobits   was anime TV series in 2002 adapted from a collection of magazines. The story revolves around Persocom’s (androids used as personal computers). However, Chobits are Persocoms rumoured to have free will and emotions.
An abandoned Persocom was found by a university student. When she’s activated, she has no memory and only knew the word Chi. Hence her name. Freya (Chi’s older sister) fell in love with a human and her circuits overloaded. However before she deactivated, she transferred her memories to Chi (which she must now remember).
Jessica is Chi (the white Chobit) and Allyssa is Freya.   Jessica and Allyssa are sisters!

Details courtesy of Chobits Wikia

Beatrice   appears in PS3 games and an anime films. As the Golden Witch she uses her magic to commit crimes to prove to her antagonist that witches do indeed exist. As the Endless Witch Beatrice has power over life and death. She’s over 1,000 years old and likes black tea and ice cream. She can be quite cruel but at other times she can be almost childlike in a naive sort of way.
Anita is Beatrice
Anita bought the blouse and jacket however she added the ruffled layer to her skirt. Also, if you look closely you’ll recognize her as another character on Day 2!
Several of Anita’s images were featured in the Community section of the Asian Pacific Post newspaper.

Details courtesy of Umineko Wikia, and