Sidewalk Style – Week 36 with Emily

Sep, 5th, 2013

The rain has returned and so have rain boots sigh… So when Emily walked by wearing a pair of stiletto boots I literally did a double-take. They were amazing. She bought them at a vintage store so the designer’s name remains a mystery. However they weren’t the inspiration for her outfit. She built her look around her earrings! She realized she wasn’t wearing them and quickly put them in as we were chatting.
As I was posting these photos I was impressed with how well the dark gold color of her asymmetrical blouse matched the dark gold overlay on her boots!
Emily’s wearing:
Earrings Bebe
Jacket Mexx
Blouse Bebe

Sidewalk Style – Week 10

Mar, 9th, 2013

I was daydreaming when all of a sudden a lady with a red purse (against a black coat) literally woke me up! It looked so unique and so refined. She said it was a limited edition Louis Vuitton purse she bought when she was in Japan.
Ziyi’s wearing:
Earrings Bebe
Necklace Christian Dior
Coat T. Babaton (Aritzia)
Purse Louis Vuitton