Accessories Designer – Daniela

Oct, 2nd, 2011


I arrived early to get a good seat for the Barbara Hulanicki interview.  Minutes later an attractive lady sat next to me.  She had a warm smile and a Canon camera.  We easily struck up a conversation about photography and fashion.  When I asked about her unique headband, she mentioned it was one of her designs!  In fact she’s partners with two other women and their online business is based out of Venezuela.
Later that evening I visited her site.  Some of the headbands had a vintage look while others were more contemporary.  They even had a bridal hair piece but my favorite was the “Chan”.  It’s a very simple pleated black velvet collar.  It would look perfect with a black strapless cocktail dress.
There’s lots of pictures and information to view.  So keep your eyes open for links in unique places.


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