Ray Rui, My Sidewalk Shoot With…

Nov, 29th, 2015

I first met Ray Rui at a press conference in September (click Season 2). She smiled easily, she was approachable and optimistic. Fast forward to November and we met for appetizers and discussed her business, university, goals, fashion and HBICTV Season 2: Boss Girls  (formerly known as the Ultra Rich Asian Girls).
I watched Season 1 with an open mind but found it dramatic and showy. I was relieved when Season 2 aired because it has a completely different feel. The episodes (found on You Tube) have moved away from “bling” and towards “business”. Chelsea is the only returning cast member (click Interview). Cast members know each other and some have been friends for years.
The show is still unscripted and six episodes feature: Chelsea sharing motherhood feelings with Diana, an ad campaign featuring models from Pam’s modeling agency, Weymi’s upcoming lifestyle magazine and Ray fulfilling contracts for her marketing company.

  • Q01 – Please tell me about your business.
    RR – My company is Rono Marketing Group Ltd. I manage a team of nine employees and we help companies with branding, rebranding, marketing campaigns and expanding their target markets.

  • Q02 – Tell me about your clients.
    RR – They’re involved with luxury brands, real estate, environmental sustainability, technology (start-ups) and investment and wealth management.

  • Q03 – What’s your field of study?
    RR – I am graduating in December with dual majors in Finance and Marketing from UBC Sauder School of Business.

  • Q04 – How would you describe your life at the moment?
    RR – Busy with school projects and business planning sessions. Spending time with my boyfriend and my parents. Maintaining a healthy, positive lifestyle. I practice yoga and visit the gym 2 – 3 times a week.

  • Q05 – Where do you see yourself in 5-years?
    RR – I’m grateful for my parents help but I see myself as being financially independent, a successful business owner and starting a family.

  • Q06 – If you weren’t so busy, what would you do with your free time?
    RR – I love art. In grade school my oil painting collection was exhibited in a Shanghai art gallery. I like painting countrysides and landscapes. I designed my company logo and business card.

  • Q07 – Ray is a boy’s name. What’s the story behind your name?
    RR – Back in China people called me Rui Rui. When I moved to Canada I named myself Ray Rui so it sounds the same and I like the meaning Ray (as in a ray of sun).

  • Q08 – You’re very fashionable. How would you describe your style?
    RR – Fabric is definitely important to me. I look for fashion that is timeless, practical and comfortable.

  • Q09 – What’s a little known secret about HBIC?
    RR – All the girls did their own hair, make-up and styling because we didn’t have any styling sponsors. The show was unscripted but we had a general idea of the activity and its setting, so we would pick suitable clothes from our closets for different occasions. My favourite outfit was the Dolce & Gabbana dress in the finale.

  • Q10 – How did you become a HBIC cast member? Did you audition?
    RR – No, I met the producer at different luxury events throughout the year. I was hesitant at first because people’s perception about Season 1. After a couple meetings, I agreed to be on the show knowing the focus for Season 2 would be different. Plus it was an opportunity to promote my business.

In closing, is there anything else you wish to share? I am always very interested in healthy organic lifestyles. I think women should live their own lives and embrace their natural selves, not being someone that they are not.
Several of these images were featured in the Community section of the Asian Pacific Post newspaper.
Ray’s wearing:
Mink Coat: Saga Royal Furs
Ring: Chanel
Dress: Herve Leger
Clutch: Tom Ford
Heels: Roger Vivier

Chelsea Jiang, My Sidewalk Shoot With…

Aug, 8th, 2015

Chelsea’s Big Day Out

Stephanie describing the high tea menu.

Time passes so quickly. It’s mid-August and I interviewed and photographed Ultra Rich Asian Girl Chelsea Jiang in March. Click Mathematician, Model & Mommy to view her pregnancy shoot.
Fast forward to June and Chelsea gave birth to her first child. With her son at the age of 3-months we decided to reconnect. I started our conversation by asking if motherhood was what she expected. While she’s grateful for every precious moment with her son she was quite honest with her responses.

  • Q1 – Is motherhood what you expected?
    CJ – No, it’s a lot harder and more emotional that I imagined. It’s a lot of tears and laughter.
    Its attention and care 24×7 and it’s the hardest job in the world.
    I’m within the first 100 days so my baby wakes up every two hour [night & day] for feedings.
    My baby won’t latch on so I have to bottle my milk every three hours.

  • Q2 – What happened to bring the tears?
    CJ – My baby was sick and I cried the entire day.

  • Q3 – What made you laugh/smile?
    CJ – Every day is something new. He’ll make a new noise or make a new face.
    He’s a serious baby and rarely smiles. So when he smiles it makes me smile.

  • Q4 – What’s the story behind your son’s name Charles?
    CJ – I picked the name because it’s elegant and full of [English] history. And both our names start with [the syllable] CH.

  • Q5 – Your nanny seems really good with Charles, what’s her name?
    CJ – Coco

  • Q6 – Are you able to meet-up with other moms with newborns?
    CJ – It’s hard because our babies are still so young. It’s a lot of work to go out.
    We’ll be ready to leave then the baby will need his diaper changed. It’s really hard to make plans.

  • Q7 – I noticed all your house guests are all aunts and nieces. Do you have any nephews?
    CJ – No, Charles is the first boy!

  • Q8 – You mentioned you’re an only child. Will Charles has a brother or sister?
    CJ – Yes, Charles will have a brother or sister in the future.

Several of these images were featured in the Community section of the Asian Pacific Post newspaper.
Special thanks to:
Ann Lin for hair and make-up. This was our second collaboration but she’ll be moving home to Taiwan Aug, 31st.
Adorabelle Tea Room for accommodating Chelsea’s big day.
Chelsea’s wearing:
Earrings: Van Cleef
Blouse: BCBGMaxmara
Necklace: Chanel
Ring: Tiffany
Skirt: Beautulleful (A Vancouver designer)
Heels: Sergio Rossi

Rasha Goel, My Sidewalk Shoot With…

Jun, 24th, 2014

Wow, who is she!?
Where is she going?
Where is she from?
Her name is Rasha Goel, she’s crossing Alberni St. She’s from the US and we met through Zara Durrani. You might recognize Rasha if you attended Vancouver’s 2013 Times of India Film Awards (TOIFA). She was on the red carpet interviewing Shah Rukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai. Rasha currently lives in LA where she’s a TV Host & Emmy Nominated Producer. She is also a co-founder of a dance company and produces documentaries, but her dream job would be to host her own talk show. Inspired by Oprah Winfrey and the legendary news broadcaster Barbara Walters she would love to give celebrities and everyday people the opportunity to share interesting and inspiring stories about themselves. When she has time to relax she enjoys traveling to out of the way places and experiencing their culture and traditions.
Several of these images were featured in the Community section of the Asian Pacific Post newspaper.
Rasha’s wearing:
Sunglasses: Moschino
Blouse: Firma Energywear (Malary’s Fashion Network)
Pants: JAC by Jacqueline Conoir
Ring: Ashadeep Collections
Purse: Miztique
Heels: Aldo

Sidewalk Style – Week 29 with Jen

Jul, 19th, 2013

Jen works in the technical marketing industry. When we met on late Friday afternoon she was heading to meet friends for drinks.
Blouse Bought in NYC
Skirt Spank
Ring Top Shop
Purse Louis Vuitton
Heels Bought in Japan

Sidewalk Style – Week 11

Mar, 10th, 2013

For the second time in two days I’ve broken my rule for not photographing black on black outfits. However Khris is someone I photographed in July (click My Friend Khris). So it was time to make yet another exception…
You might think she’s is a model but she’s not. She’s a fashionista and a student. We attended Vancouver Fashion Week in September but today’s meeting was totally serendipitous. She just finished High Tea with her girlfriends and was headed home. She told me she was working two jobs and attending university. In June she plans to enroll in Law school. Our chance to catch-up was a nice way to end my Sunday.
If you look closely, you’ll see how her purse, watch and blouse all work together…
Several of these images were featured in the Community section of the Asian Pacific Post newspaper.
Khris’ wearing:
Coat Aritzia
Silk Tank Club Monaco
Purse Coach
Watch Michael Kors
Ring Club Monaco
Leather Leggings Club Monaco
Heels Aldo

Model Seen @ the Vancouver Fashion Week Opening Gala (5 of 11)

Sep, 18th, 2012

Cheri attended the opening with her brother. She’ll be one of the models gliding down the runway during fashion week. She was proud to show off several pieces of jewelry made by Niki Kavakonis.
Necklace Niki Kavakonis
Braclet Niki Kavakonis
Ring Niki Kavakonis

Sidewalk Style – Week 33

Aug, 17th, 2012

Jasmine is what I call an Insider. She’s a make-up artist for a well known department store. She was quite pleased to share with me the details of her outfit.
Sunglasses Tom Ford
Shrug Anthropologie
Dress Nicole Bridger (local designer)
Belt Kate Spade
Jewellery Jeweliette (local jeweller)
Purse Marc Jacobs
Heels Gucci
(33-9, 11094 – 97)

Sidewalk Shoot – My Friend Khris

Jul, 15th, 2012

Brunch Date



Hi Khris-
Q- What are you wearing today?
A- My skirt is from Zara. My purse, ring and heels are from Aldo. My blazer and belt are from the Gap and my blouse is from Banana Republic.
Q- When/where would you wear this?
A- Dinner or girls’ night out
Q- How would you describe your personal style?
A- Grunge, edgy, vintage, eclectic. P.S. I adore snakeskin, skulls, and silk!
Q- Who’s your favorite style icon?
A- I don’t have one per se but Mary & Kate Olsen, Alexa Chung and blogger Aimee Song (Song of Style) are awesome.
Q- What shopping secrets would you like to share?
A- Quality over quantity. Don’t buy something just because it’s cheap, make sure you’ll actually get some wear out of it. Consignment stores are a good place to start if you want to find some unique pieces which can be cheaper than retail. Warehouse sales are pretty sweet, always show up early!
Q- What’s your current obsession?
A- I’m reading Discipline and Punish by Michel Foucault, fascinating stuff. I am also obsessed with graphic novels, typewriters, and antique furniture.
Q- What comes to mind in five words or less?
A – Happy-go-lucky
Thanks Khris!
Khris has an amazing sense of style. I’ve seen photos where she’s assembled five different outfits. I think she should be a stylist!
As we were planning the shoot, I thought her fishtail skirt should be the centerpiece. When we went shopping, to build an outfit around the skirt, I realized we had different styles. We reached a point where I said, heels would look nice and she picked the heels. Then I said a cream colored blouse and blazer would look nice and she picked those too. I hope you like the results as much as I did!