Sidewalk Style – Week 37 With Sierly

Sep, 12th, 2015

I spotted Sierly amid the crowd of women wearing outfits destined for the Granville St. nightclubs. She was originally wearing a cream colored sweater jacket. When I asked if I could take her photo, she took off her sweater and gave me several strong modeling poses like a pro! What a pleasant surprise! I would have loved five more minutes but her husband and girlfriend were waiting patiently. Awesome mani/pedi by the way!
Sierly’s wearing:
Blouse & Pants: Aritzia
Heels: Michael Kors

Sidewalk Style – Week 4 with Sofie

Jan, 21st, 2014

I met Sofie on her way to her marketing job. She’s not required to dress-up but she does so anyway. We only had a few minutes but I was amazed by the number of nice shots we were able to capture. As a result, I forgot to ask what inspired her outfit. I followed up via e-mail and here’s what wrote.
“My outfit definitely revolved around the skirt. I’ll stick to a generally neutral/black/white base and then keep it interesting with graphic patterns or a pop of color. I think I bought this skirt 5 years ago (yes 5!) and the pattern is still quite current. About a year ago I had the skirt tailored to be more suited to my style today (it used to be more A-line).”
She also mentioned her ankle boots were a great Boxing Day find.
Several of these images were featured in the Community section of the Asian Pacific Post newspaper.
Sofie’s wearing:
Jacket Zara
Blouse Aritzia
Gloves Portiano (Holt Renfrew)
Purse J Crew
Skirt Club Monaco

Sidewalk Style – Week 4 with Leemi Yeun

Jan, 19th, 2014

Leemi Yeun’s polished boots caught my attention. She said they were purchased in Korea and they were a gift from her mother.
Leemi Yeun’s wearing:
Jacket System (from Korea)
Blouse Aritzia
Jeans Calvin Klein

Fashionista Seen @ Fashion Night Out Vancouver

Sep, 6th, 2012

   Brittany was a bit shy but I like this shot. It was taken right after
   the CBC runway show.
Blouse Aritzia
Heels Guess

Sidewalk Style – Week 36

Sep, 2nd, 2012

Diana’s style has been evolving and this is a new look for her. I like how she paired the casual skirt with a formal collar shirt and dress flats.
Blouse Aritiza
Skirt American Eagle
Shoes Sirens
(36-14, 11426 – 31)

Sidewalk Style – Week 31

Aug, 2nd, 2012

Candace loves to look at fashion blogs! Her favorite is Vanilla & Lace. Hopefully she’ll add me to her favorites list. It’s been a week since we met but I think she said she had been involved with the fashion industry in the past. Currently she works in the field of communication (e.g. PR, Marketing etc.). I really like how colors of her purse, heels and skirt complements her skin tone.
Blouse Aritzia
Skirt Jacob
Purse Danier Leather
Watch Michael Kors
Heels Aldo
(31-7, 10238 – 41)

Sidewalk Style – Week 27

Jul, 1st, 2012

Thanks to Khris’ friend who waited patiently during our mini photo shoot. Khris’ outfit was soo cute but many of the details didn’t photograph well. Her hat added an extra touch to her outfit but it cast a shadow on her face (I didn’t have my flash). Her pants look black but they are actually a dark plum color. Lastly, her purse, hat and shoes all have metallic color undertones. It was a nicely mixed & matched outfit.
Hat Banana Republic
Blouse T Babaton Aritzia
Pants Gap
Purse Coach
Flats Spring

Sidewalk Style – Week 26

Jun, 28th, 2012

Fashion and fitness are two lifestyle choices that are near and dear to me. I was pleasantly surprised when Katy mentioned she had a fashion blog and currently has a fitness blog. She was waiting for her friend so I had just enough time to take a couple photos and make notes about her outfit.
Sweater Charlotte Russe
Blouse Aritzia
Mini Skirt Dynamite

Sidewalk Style – Week 21

May, 25th, 2012

   Chelsea was on her way to lunch…
Blouse Aritzia
Purse Louis Vuitton
Pants Aritzia