Sidewalk Style – Week 40 With Sohee

Sep, 27th, 2015

Sohee met a friend earlier and was on her way home. I asked about her outfit and she said she was inspired by a photo of a friend wearing a leather jacket. Her outfit made her feel powerful, sexy and confident. When I asked about her wardrobe she said it mainly consists of navy blue, grey and black colors. She said they are easy to match and she likes the slimming effect of dark colors.
Sohee’s Wearing:
Jacket: bought in NYC
Blouse: H&M
Jeggings: bought in Korea
Backpack Purse: bought in Korea
Heels: Aldo

Sidewalk Style – Week 10 With Weymi

Mar, 8th, 2015

When Weymi entered the coffee shop I noticed her long legs, purse and scarf. However, her outfit was a bit of a mystery. At a first glance it looked like she was wearing a miniskirt. As we began chatting she mentioned she was wearing H&M shorts and a tank top underneath a jacket purchased in Taiwan. I like how she mixed a couple low end brands with a few high end brands. I also admired her bold color combination. Black and orange are rarely worn together because they are strongly associated with Halloween (and the BC Lions). However I imagine her brightly colored Hermes Birkin purse and scarf gave her the confidence to push the boundaries.
Several of these images were featured in the Community section of the Asian Pacific Post newspaper.
Weymi’s wearing:
Jacket: So Nice
Scarf: Hermes
Shorts and Blouse: H&M
Purse: Hermes Birkin
Heels: Versace

Sidewalk Shoot – My Friend Elya is “Going Somewhere…”

Nov, 23rd, 2013

As Elya described her wardrobe, her coat sounded like a perfect match for her skirt. She originally suggested a sweater but I felt the sweater’s pattern competed with her plaid coat and pleated skirt. Instead I suggested a plain white blouse. The combination was a welcome change to the black & grey winter colors Vancouverites love. I learned Elya will graduate this summer with an Interior Design degree.
Several of these images were featured in the Community section of the Asian Pacific Post newspaper.
Elya is wearing:
Blouse: H&M
Skirt: H&M
Watch: DKNY
Purse: Marc Jacobs
Ankle boots: Georgio Fabiani

Sidewalk Style – Week 36 with Sam

Sep, 1st, 2013

“Fringe with Benefits!” I loved the way Sam’s skirt danced and swayed with each step. We met as she was heading to work. Her skirt was a gift from a friend. She thinks it came from Asia. I asked what inspired her outfit and she said she wanted a light feminine feel that looked nice and polished. When shopping she looks for items with details that stand out like bold colors, clean lines or interesting cuts. The fringe definitely puts a new spin on typical maxi skirt.
Sam’s wearing:
Blazer H&M
Blouse H&M
Purse Coach
Heels Aldo

Sidewalk Style – Week 31 with Galina

Jul, 30th, 2013

Galina asked if I could guess her favorite color. I looked a bit perplexed until she held up her pink painted fingernails. She said pink was the inspiration for her outfit. The white pants and red purse helped complete her outfit.
This was the first time in a long time I had seen white pants that weren’t form fitting. She said she purposely bought them for that reason because she’s an accounting student and she’s an Accounting Intern at a local corporation.
It’s probably not easy to find a white belt but it looks nice with her outfit. Her purse was a gift from her boyfriend’s grandmother.
Galina’s wearing:
Blouse H&M
Pants Suzy
Heels Bought in a Russian markent

Sidewalk Style – Week 28 with Silvia

Jul, 10th, 2013

It was 5:30pm and Silvia was buying a breakfast sandwich. She mentioned she works in the legal field and she was anticipating a long night at the office. In other words, she just bought herself dinner!
As we were chatting we both had a Deja vu moment. We realized we met in September during Vancouver Fashion Night Out! This time her skirt caught my attention. I love how she matched her black blouse to her patterned knitwear skirt. Random thought… Spaghetti straps are sooooo sexy!
Silvia’s wearing:
Sunglasses Chanel
Blouse H&M
Skirt Missoni
Purse Louis Vuitton
Heels Guess

Sidewalk Style – Week 21 with Joanna

May, 24th, 2013

Normally Joanna wears suits and 6″ heels but today she’s wearing her casual Friday outfit. She spent most of her day walking to her client’s offices so she chose her very comfortable 3 1/2″ H&M leather D’Orsay pumps. She works with “C” level executives and firmly believes in the “Dress for Success” motto. As we were chatting we realized we belong to the same gym!
Joanna’s Wearing:
Blouse H&M
Skirt Jacob
Purse Gucci
Heels H&M

Fashionista Seen @ Vancouver Fashion Week F/W2013 – Day 2

Mar, 21st, 2013

The runway show had just ended and Marcus his friend Chade (pronounced Shad-day) were about to leave. We had a quick chat and snapped a few photos.
Chade’s wearing:
Jacket Forever 21
Blouse H&M
Pants House of Mish by Mesha Toor
Purse JLo
Heels House of Mish by Mesah Toor

Sidewalk Shoot – My Friend Jyoti Starring As…

Nov, 4th, 2012

Kat Grrl…

Hi Joyti!

Q- What is your first outfit?
A- My dress is from Guess by Marciano and my stiletto pumps
    are from Aldo.
Q- What is your second outfit?
My top & tights are from H&M. My boots are from a boutique in London.
Q- When/where would you wear this?
A- Any formal event.
Q- When/where would you wear this?
A- When I’m going for a sexy, fun look.
Q- How would you describe your personal style?
A- I am very versatile. I like experimenting with
    different clothes to see what looks best.
Q- Who’s your favorite style icon?
A- Rachel Bilson, she’s amazing!
Q- What shopping secrets would you like to share?
A- Reading fashion blogs to keep up with the latest styles.
Q- If you were a super hero/villain, what super powers
     would you have?

A- I would love to fly.
Q- What sound(s) do you most love to hear?
A – I love dancing so anything that I can move to!

Thanks Jyoti!
Click here to view Jyoti’s first Sidewalk Shoot.
Do you remember the scene in “The Dark Knight Returns” when Anne Hathaway climbed on the Bat Cycle? I thought so. I was in total lust! I’m sure there were a lot of Cat Woman inspired costumes for Halloween. I suggested the idea to Jyoti and she loved it. The original photo shoot concept was for Jyoti to pretend to hack into an ATM bank machine. However, 15-minutes before our shoot, the rain stopped. We took advantage of the weather and took most of the photos outside.