Sidewalk Style – Week 13 With Fiona

Mar, 23rd, 2014

When Fiona walked by I noticed her hat and sunglasses. She was walking quickly and wearing gold color sandals. It was a windy day and the breeze played with her skirt. As we began chatting she said she was meeting friends at Vancouver Fashion Week. However she had a few minutes for photos. As I was considering which street corner would work best for her photo, she asked if she should change into her heels…
Fiona’s wearing
Hat: unknown (from Taiwan)
Sunglasses: unknown (from Taiwan)
Dress: H&M
Belt: unknown (from Singapore)
Heels: unknown (from Taiwan)

Sidewalk Style – Week 12 With Amy

Mar, 19th, 2014

I almost missed Amy… She walked by wearing a knee length black coat. However there was something about the sheer skirt that peeked beneath the bottom of her coat that caught my attention. As we began chatting I realized she was hiding a very flattering dress. I asked what inspired her choice and she said Emily Dickinson. She had read a passage where white represented a powerful romantic color. As I took her photo her appearance reminded me of English royalty and her dress made me think of ancient Greece. Incidentally Amy is a university student in a technology field.
Several of these images were featured in the Community section of the Asian Pacific Post newspaper.
Amy’s wearing:
Dress: H&M (last season)
Boots: Vintage

Sidewalk Style – Week 28 with Lena

Jul, 14th, 2013

Lena’s from Europe. She has a 4 year degree but she’s working in a coffee shop. She likes the flexibility the coffee shop offers so she can pursue her acting career. I asked if she had a favorite character or movie genre. She replied, “No, I like the challenge of playing a wide range of characters”.
Lena’s wearing:
Dress H&M
Purse Aldo
Heels Call It Spring

Sidewalk Style – Week 33

Aug, 13th, 2012

Jiseon’s boots and blouse were bought in Korea.
Skirt H&M
Purse Coach
(33-5, 11073, 74)

Sidewalk Style – Week 25

Jun, 17th, 2012

   Susan just bought her dress moments before we met.
Dress H&M
Purse Christian Dior