Sidewalk Style – Week 30

Jul, 23rd, 2012

   Umara and her girlfriend Samantha just picked up their lunch when we met.
   Samantha was kind enough to hold her umbrella while she posed for both shots.
   I was surprised to learn Umara hadn’t acted or modeled because she seemed so
   comfortable in front of the camera. I like how the belt buckle (built into her skirt)
   matches the buckle on her heels.
Blouse Jacob
Skirt Dynamite
Heels from @

Sidewalk Style – Week 21

May, 25th, 2012

   Yuyue’s outfit caught my eye because she was wearing flats.
   It’s kinda ironic because she normally wears heels!
Blouse H&M
Purse Coach
Skirt Dynamite
Flats Aldo