Sidewalk Style – Week 31

Aug, 2nd, 2012

Candace loves to look at fashion blogs! Her favorite is Vanilla & Lace. Hopefully she’ll add me to her favorites list. It’s been a week since we met but I think she said she had been involved with the fashion industry in the past. Currently she works in the field of communication (e.g. PR, Marketing etc.). I really like how colors of her purse, heels and skirt complements her skin tone.
Blouse Aritzia
Skirt Jacob
Purse Danier Leather
Watch Michael Kors
Heels Aldo
(31-7, 10238 – 41)

Sidewalk Style – Week 26

Jun, 30th, 2012

   I met Mabel a few weeks earlier but today was the day we
   met to plan our first shoot. We chatted over tea about a
   variety of topics. When the discussion ventured to
   photography and the shoot, I thought it would be sad
   to let her leave without photographing her lovely
   outfit. I absolutely love how she mixed and matched
   several pieces while limiting her color pallet to
   black and tan. Bravo!
   Mabel’s wearing:
   Scarf Burberry
   Dress Jacob
   Belt EBay
   Shoes Gap
   Purse Matt & Nat (A Canadian eco and vegan friendly company)