Insiders Seen @ Fashion Night Out Vancouver

Sep, 6th, 2012

I walked along Georgia and when I reached Granville, I could see what looked like a festive party on the second floor of Holt Renfrew. Once inside the store I made my way towards the laughter and music. I reached the door and was met by an attractive blonde with a clipboard. I said I’m here to take a few photos for Fashion Night Out Vancouver (FNOV). She politely told me the party was a private celebration. She explained it was Holt’s way of celebrating its 175 anniversary with their VIP customers. I thanked her for her time and wondered, “Where was the FNOV celebration?” I guess sales discounts and staying open late was the extent of their participation…
As I made a bee-line for the exit I saw a lady in an amazing feathery mini skirt. I had to have a photo! Seconds later she was joined by two of her girlfriends.
Claudia (left) is a Fashion Stylist and she’s is wearing:
Blouse Pink Tartan
Skirt Juicy Couture
Purse Michael Kors
Heels Betsey Johnson
Aeron (center) is wearing:
Dress Michael Kors
Purse Michael Kors
Heels Michael Kors
Lyndi (right) works in the PR and media relations biz. She’s wearing:
Dress Jacqueline Conoir
Purse Michael Kors
Heels Max Mara

Sidewalk Style – Week 36

Sep, 2nd, 2012

I met Jutta early one morning on her way to work. No sooner than the conversation started, her bus arrived. Fast forward a week or two and by random chance we met again. Her style is impeccable. Her wardrobe is built around neutral colors and several basic pieces. She likes to celebrate her femininity by dressing nice.
Blazer Michael Kors
Blouse Dolce & Gabbana
Skirt Jacqueline Conoir
Purse Louis Vuitton
Heels Michael Kors
(36-16, 11458 – 63)