Sidewalk Style – Week 25 With Kaori

Jun, 15th, 2014

Kaori is fron Japan. She is visiting her girlfriend Rina. They were on their way to Gastown to watch the steam clock.
Kaori’s wearing:
Dress: Zara
Heels: Forever 21

Mijune Pak, Follow Me Foodie Starring As The Gingerbread Judge!

Nov, 28th, 2013

Mijune has a popular food blog called Follow Me Foodie. She’s the Resident Food Columnist for the local weekly newspaper WE and she’s a fashionista. Click here to see Mijune’s Yaletown outfit and here to see Mijune’s Deighton Cup outfit.
Tonight we met at the Hyatt Regency hotel for the Gingerbread Lane contest.   I missed the judging and awards ceremony but we met in the lobby. I was amazed by the intricate and elaborate displays. The first and second place winners are shown above but I estimate there are 30 – 40 entries. According to the rules, everything must be edible. I saw Wheat Chex used at roofing shingles and Red Hots that resembled tiny flowers.
The Hyatt is located next to the Burrard Sky Train station. Admission is free and photos are permitted but the display ends Friday, December 27th.
Mijune’s wearing:
Jacket: Zara
Dress: Zara

Sidewalk Style – Week 33 with Sara

Aug, 13th, 2013

I noticed Sara’s outfit and handed her my business card. To my surprise she said, “You photographed my friend!” Sara told me she has a food blog and she wants to start a fashion blog. As we chatted about her outfit I learned her dress was actually a blouse and skirt. Furthermore, each piece was made by two different designers.
Sara’s wearing:
Blouse Kate Spade (from NY)
Skirt Zara
Heels Chloe (from NY)