Sidewalk Art – Week 34

Aug, 31st, 2013

I saw this on my way home Saturday evening. I love the simplicity of the white peplum
dress with black trim! It would have looked stunning at Le Diner en Blanc (Aug. 22).

Sidewalk Style – Week 22 with Janice

Jun, 1st, 2013

I met Janice on the “sidewalk” after she gave an Internet marketing presentation. I loved how she coordinated the colors of her watch, necklace and purse with her dress. As we chatted I learned she wears many hats. Most notably she’s a RAW Food Chef! That explains why her smile had such a healthy glow! It’s too bad we didn’t meet earlier. The sun was setting so fast I just a few minutes before twilight gave way to the darkness.
Janice’s wearing:
Dress Bebe
Purse Jeanne Lottie
Heels Jessica Simpson

Fashionistas Seen @ A Peace of Fashion (6 of 9)

Mar, 16th, 2013

Vancouver style is very casual. Events filled with nicely dressed guests are like a desert oasis. When I arrived I scanned the room and noticed Daisy’s Rouge Fauviste colored Louis Vuitton bag. I introduced myself to her friends and took a few random photos throughout the evening.
Stephanie’s wearing (left): a Banana Republic mini dress and black Nine West pumps
Maryann’s wearing (center): a black Bebe bustier mini dress and silver & black Forever 21 ankle strap heels
Daisy’s wearing (right): a black Costa Blanca skirt and Rouge Fauviste Louis Vuitton purse
Several of these images were featured in the Community section of the Asian Pacific Post newspaper.

Sidewalk Style, Chicago – Week 29

Jul, 21st, 2012

This was my last shot of the day. With my suitcase in tow I was headed back to the subway to catch the Blue Line to O’Hare. As I approached the picturesque Chicago River I noticed a wedding party. It is a high traffic tourist attraction and quite a few people stopped to look at the river and the wedding party photo shoot. That’s when I noticed Susan in her brightly colored dress. We stuck up a conversation and I took a couple photos. That’s when I noticed a man in a tux headed our way. I thought to myself, darn, she’s part of the wedding party… I introduced myself to her husband Blake. Thank goodness he was a cool guy because I was attracting enough attention that all five groomsmen started heading our way! In hindsight it was funny but in the moment it was a bit awkward. Thanks Susan & Blake and best wishes to the newlyweds!
Dress Bebe

Sidewalk Style – Week 27

Jul, 1st, 2012

Maryna was headed home after a fun filled afternoon. It was a pleasure to work with her. Her blouse was custom made but she added the decorative touches. She didn’t know the Italian designer’s name but she said her heels were super comfortable.
(27-8, 9321 – 24)

Precious Fennetessa – Fashionista Seen @ the Show (8 of 8)

Jun, 20th, 2012

   Andrew and Cyrena. Cyrena’s modeling a lovely bracelett she won during the
   F**k Cancer charity raffle. Cyrena’s Bebe dress was very eye catching.
   In addition to a fashionista, she’s also a Cellist.