Sidewalk Shoot – My Friend YJ

Sep, 25th, 2012

Sunshine in a Box

Hi YJ-
Q- What are you wearing today?
A- Pant ensemble: I am wearing a top from Le Chateau, pants from Public Myth, shoes from Spring and the purse is from DKNY.
A- Skirt ensemble: The skirt is from Bedo, shoes from Zigi New York, purse from Rosetti and the bracelet is from Aldo.
Q- When/where would you wear this?
A- A night out with my girlfriends, usually a nice social gathering or a dinner party.
Q- How would you describe your personal style?
A- I like to mix things up a lot, sometimes a sexy with casual or a funky. Definitely always try to be sexy even when I’m working out.
Q- Who’s your favorite style icon?
A- I don’t really have one, I think my sister and roommate have great looks! I often like what I see on artists like Gwen Stefani.
Q- What shopping secrets would you like to share?
A- Stick to bright colours, you only need a few black pieces. Watch out for colours that drain your skin tone, look for ones that bring out your features. Sales are always great but don’t buy things that don’t fit you right just because it’s on sale! Most importantly buy it only if you love it! If you have to keep debating you probably don’t really want it and will end up going back to return it…
Q- What’s your current obsession?
A- Health, food and going out to play!
Q- What comes to mind in five words or less?
A- Live long and prosper, Namaste!
Thanks YJ!
This shoot actually took place on 9.15. However Vancouver Fashion Week arrived before I could post the images. When we were planning the shoot I thought it would be fun to create a daytime and an early evening theme mixed & matched around one piece.

Fashionista Seen @ the Rachel Zoe Show

Aug, 9th, 2012



Thirty-minutes before the Rachel Zoe fashion show I noticed an attractive lady take a seat near the beginning of the runway. Unfortunately I was standing near the Media Pit at the end of the runway. I would have lost my prized spot had I tried to introduce myself. Immediately following the show I had a rare opportunity to photograph a Holt Renfrew executive. I thought my opportunity to meet the attractive lady was lost. However to my surprise she too had lingered after the show. As I approached her group I heard her say she runs 25K per week. I introduced myself by saying, “You run 20K per week more than I do!”
As the conversation switched from running to fashion, Cindy introduced me to her girlfriend Shonna Dudar. Shonna’s a Stylist and dressed Cindy from head to toe. The combination of Cindy’s smile and her impeccable outfit was incredible. It was a nice way to end to the show. Ten minutes later I was sitting at my office desk trying to concentrate on my Excel spreadsheet.
Jacket Zara
Blouse Zara
Shorts Zara
Purse Prada
Heels Zara

Sidewalk Style – Week 20

May, 18th, 2012

It’s been sunny every day this week. However, the warmer weather has coaxed a lot of flip flops and T-shirts out of the closet. As a result, I haven’t been inspired to photograph a single outfit. My spirits were finally lifted when I saw the understated simplicity of this ladies’ outfit. She’s sweet, smart (she has a PhD) and no, she doesn’t model. She told me her husband dresses nice also. When they are out & about, people often ask them if they are headed to an event. They respond, “No, we always dress like this.” I love it! I wish more Vancouverites thought this way.
Jacket St. John
Purse Arcadia
Jeans Balenciaga
Heels Hermes