My Sidewalk Shoot With Klara

Jun, 26th, 2016

My photo shoot with Klara took place one week before she participated in the Miss BC pageant. Rather than pick a cocktail dress or evening gown, I suggested we do something fun, summery and flowy.
Several of these images were featured in the Community section of the Asian Pacific Post newspaper.
I styled Klara’s outfit:
Sun Dresses: Forever 21
Boots Forever 21
Special thanks to Ting’s Makeup Artistry for hair & makeup!

Zara Durrani, My Sidewalk Shoot With…

Feb, 8th, 2016

Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is not far away.
Instead of the traditional color of red, Zara and I found pastel colors of lavender, mauve, tan, grey and dusty rose for our themed shoot. She described the colors as soft and spring-like.
I picked the lace floral print skirt and blouse from the Couturist. The popular online site opened a pop-up shop (on Robson St. near Thurlow). After several weeks they will close their shop shortly after Valentine’s Day. However they will continue to serve customers online.
You may recognize Zara from her 2011/12 TV show called Life & Style with Zara. As a multi-talented individual she continues to keep busy as an Actress, Activist, TV Host, Producer and Model.
Several of these images were featured in the Community section of the Asian Pacific Post newspaper.
Zara’s Wearing:
Blouse & Skirt: Stella & Jamie (from the Couturist)
Belt: H&M
Heels: Joe Fresh
Beret & Sunglasses: Forever 21
Dress, Purse & Tights: Winners
Jacket: H&M
Booties: Nine West

Sidewalk Style – Week 30 With Salwin

Jul, 19th, 2015

I was on my way to meet a friend when a tall slender lady strode by. “Darn,” I said to my self, “I’m going to be late.”  She too was on her way to meet a friend. When I asked about her outfit, I was surprised by her response. She doesn’t spend time looking at fashion blogs or following the trends. When I asked about her inspiration she wasn’t motivated by a feeling or a mood. She simply picked her H&M dress to meet her girlfriend for lunch. At any rate it was a flattering dress and I’m glad we had a chance to meet!
Salwin’s wearing:
Glasses: Fendi
Dress: H&M
Purse: BCBG
Heels BCBG

Sidewalk Style – Week 48 With Glenda

Nov, 23rd, 2014

When I chat with people on the street, nine times out of ten they tell me they’ve dressed for an occasion or an event. Typically it’s a birthday party or tea with a girlfriend. However, when I asked Glenda about her motivation, she said she dresses-up because she enjoys it. Wow, a true fashionista! Given the casual nature of Vancouver its rare treat to meet someone that’s not that’s not afraid to dress-up. Glenda gets ideas and inspiration from magazines. She’s also a fan of Pintrest.
I loved how the texture of the faux fur complemented her hair. The pink provided a pop of color. The lace-up pattern of her ankle boots were an eye catching detail. She bought them in Toronto.
Glenda’s outfit reads like a fashion Who’s Who but don’t let that stop you from expressing your inner diva.
Several of these images will be featured in the Community section of the Asian Pacific Post newspaper.
Glenda’s wearing:
Faux Fur Vest: Prada
T-shirt: Vince
Purse: Louis Vuitton
Pants: Michael Kors
Belt: Gucci
Ankle Boots: Giuseppe

Sidewalk Shoot – My Friend Ekaterina

Sep, 28th, 2014

When Ekaterina moved to Vancouver she left her fashionable wardrobe behind. To make the most of our photo shoot we headed to Mine & Yours Boutique on Hornby St. Our inspiration started with a pair of Ekaterina’s black platform pumps. We could have easily created a fall look but I found a frilly, flirty skirt that tipped the balance back to a summer look. Jigme found a black blouse and belt. We decided to give the outfit an edgy look so we went with a pair of ankle boots and sunglasses. Ekaterina smiled said the outfit made her feel girly. Incidentally, she modeled a little for her parent’s retail clothing store. She’s currently a student and may continue her education in Canada or possibly Europe. She enjoys modern dance and is looking forward to the start of snowboard season.
Several of these images were featured in the Community section of the Asian Pacific Post newspaper.
Ekaterina’s outfit came from Mine & Yours Boutique:
Sunglasses: Michael Kors
Belt: Wilfred
Skirt: FCUK
Wallet: Gucci
Ankle Boots: Alexander Wang

Sidewalk Shoot – My Friend Snow

Sep, 14th, 2014

This was a planned shoot and Snow has recently started modeling for fun on a part-time basis. Yes, Snow is her real name. It was snowing when she was born so her mom named her Xue.
We met on a sunny afternoon with the idea of doing a fashion forward shoot. We stopped at Mine & Your’s Boutique on Hornby to see what Jigme & Courtney had on hand. In minutes Snow found a burgundy, black and white one piece dress. Yes, the blouse and dress were sewn together. It was pure coincidence that the clutch and dress both had zippers. We were both happy with the outfit and Snow didn’t bother to try on the other outfits.
For inspiration Snow looks to Gisele Bundchen, Coco Rocha, Miranda Kerr and Liu Wen (the first East Asian to walk for Victoria Secret). For now Snow will focus on her Economics studies and see where here modeling will take her.
Several of these images were featured in the Community section of the Asian Pacific Post newspaper.
Snow’s wearing:
Dress: Self Portrait (from Mine & Your’s Boutique)
Clutch: Radley London (from Mine & Your’s Boutique)
Ankle Boots: Michael Kors

Sidewalk Style – Week 28 With Ekaterina

Jul, 11th, 2014

Ekaterina had a few minutes before meeting her friends for dinner. It was the perfect time for a mini photo shoot. I loved how she coordinated her outfit down to her baby blue painted fingernails and toenails. She said she was feeling romantic and picked a light blue dress to match her mood.
Several of these images were featured in the Community section of the Asian Pacific Post newspaper.
Ekaterina’s wearing:
Sunglasses Ray Ban
Dress Zara
Watch Juicy Couture
Heels Loriblu

Sidewalk Style – Week 18 With Tina

Apr, 27th, 2014

Tina is an Accountant and I was surprised when she said she just left the office. It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon but it was also tax season. She finally decided to leave at 4pm. She was on her way home when her bright blue coat and black ankle boots caught my eye. The conversation really got interesting when she mentioned her purse caught on fire several nights earlier.
Tina’s wearing:
Coat: Ever New
Heels: Guess

Sidewalk Style – Week 4 with Sofie

Jan, 21st, 2014

I met Sofie on her way to her marketing job. She’s not required to dress-up but she does so anyway. We only had a few minutes but I was amazed by the number of nice shots we were able to capture. As a result, I forgot to ask what inspired her outfit. I followed up via e-mail and here’s what wrote.
“My outfit definitely revolved around the skirt. I’ll stick to a generally neutral/black/white base and then keep it interesting with graphic patterns or a pop of color. I think I bought this skirt 5 years ago (yes 5!) and the pattern is still quite current. About a year ago I had the skirt tailored to be more suited to my style today (it used to be more A-line).”
She also mentioned her ankle boots were a great Boxing Day find.
Several of these images were featured in the Community section of the Asian Pacific Post newspaper.
Sofie’s wearing:
Jacket Zara
Blouse Aritzia
Gloves Portiano (Holt Renfrew)
Purse J Crew
Skirt Club Monaco