Sidewalk Shoot – My Friend Snow

Sep, 14th, 2014

This was a planned shoot and Snow has recently started modeling for fun on a part-time basis. Yes, Snow is her real name. It was snowing when she was born so her mom named her Xue.
We met on a sunny afternoon with the idea of doing a fashion forward shoot. We stopped at Mine & Your’s Boutique on Hornby to see what Jigme & Courtney had on hand. In minutes Snow found a burgundy, black and white one piece dress. Yes, the blouse and dress were sewn together. It was pure coincidence that the clutch and dress both had zippers. We were both happy with the outfit and Snow didn’t bother to try on the other outfits.
For inspiration Snow looks to Gisele Bundchen, Coco Rocha, Miranda Kerr and Liu Wen (the first East Asian to walk for Victoria Secret). For now Snow will focus on her Economics studies and see where here modeling will take her.
Several of these images were featured in the Community section of the Asian Pacific Post newspaper.
Snow’s wearing:
Dress: Self Portrait (from Mine & Your’s Boutique)
Clutch: Radley London (from Mine & Your’s Boutique)
Ankle Boots: Michael Kors

Sidewalk Style – Week 41

Oct, 13th, 2012

Jacquie’s daughter enjoys photography and she knows one of the Vancouver Fashion Week designers! She stopped long enough to pose for a photo during a steady downpour.
Jacquie’w wearing:
Heels Michael Kors

Sidewalk Style – Week 36

Sep, 2nd, 2012

I met Jutta early one morning on her way to work. No sooner than the conversation started, her bus arrived. Fast forward a week or two and by random chance we met again. Her style is impeccable. Her wardrobe is built around neutral colors and several basic pieces. She likes to celebrate her femininity by dressing nice.
Blazer Michael Kors
Blouse Dolce & Gabbana
Skirt Jacqueline Conoir
Purse Louis Vuitton
Heels Michael Kors
(36-16, 11458 – 63)