My Sidewalk Shoot With Anna

Dec, 6th, 2015

I met Anna at 11:30am and we shopped till 1:00pm. The first outfit we tried was a tan sweater dress. It fit nice but it was something commonly seen on the “sidewalk”.
The next outfit was a pair of wide leg, knit pants with funky metallic patterns and a fuzzy jacket. Unfortunately the idea didn’t work.
When Anna tried on the forest green shift dress she said she preferred fitted dresses. However, it matched her personal style of classy and elegant so that was our choice for the shoot. Next I paired it with black pair of heels and a purse. By 2:30pm we were ready to shoot.
In addition to modeling part-time Anna was recently crowned Miss Russia in a local pageant. When she modeled in her home country her favorite assignments were bridal shows. She said the long elegant, flowing gowns made her feel like a princess.
Several of these images were featured in the Community section of the Asian Pacific Post newspaper.
Anna was styled by Me:
Jacket & Dress: H&M
Purse & Heels: Aldo

Rasha Goel, My Sidewalk Shoot With…

Jun, 24th, 2014

Wow, who is she!?
Where is she going?
Where is she from?
Her name is Rasha Goel, she’s crossing Alberni St. She’s from the US and we met through Zara Durrani. You might recognize Rasha if you attended Vancouver’s 2013 Times of India Film Awards (TOIFA). She was on the red carpet interviewing Shah Rukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai. Rasha currently lives in LA where she’s a TV Host & Emmy Nominated Producer. She is also a co-founder of a dance company and produces documentaries, but her dream job would be to host her own talk show. Inspired by Oprah Winfrey and the legendary news broadcaster Barbara Walters she would love to give celebrities and everyday people the opportunity to share interesting and inspiring stories about themselves. When she has time to relax she enjoys traveling to out of the way places and experiencing their culture and traditions.
Several of these images were featured in the Community section of the Asian Pacific Post newspaper.
Rasha’s wearing:
Sunglasses: Moschino
Blouse: Firma Energywear (Malary’s Fashion Network)
Pants: JAC by Jacqueline Conoir
Ring: Ashadeep Collections
Purse: Miztique
Heels: Aldo

Sidewalk Style – Week 36

Sep, 4th, 2012

Maryam and I met on the way to work. She’s what I call an Insider. She works in the retail industry and is studying to become a designer.
Sweater Michael Kors
Dress Calvin Klein
Heels Aldo
(36-18, 11534 – 37)

Eco Fashion Week – Shoes Seen @ the Show (3 of 6)

Apr, 11th, 2012

Heels left Aldo (Europe)
Heels right Christian Louboutin