Sidewalk Style – Week 29 With Chanelle

Jul, 19th, 2014

I met Chanelle while she was running errands. She didn’t have an inspiration for her creating her outfit. She simply picked colors that matched.
Chanelle’s wearing:
Jacket: Dynamite
Skirt: Forever 21
Purse: Coach
Heels Michael Kors

Sidewalk Style – Week 29 with Karen

Jul, 19th, 2013

I saw Karen from across the street. Her bold black & white outfit was unique. I expected her to say it was a mini dress however it was blouse and skirt bought from two different stores. She was meeting a girlfriend from drinks and dinner and wanted something cool to wear on a warm summer evening. Karen keeps in shape by running.
Karen’s wearing:
Blouse Bebe
Skirt ?
Purse Michael Kors
Heels Michael Kors

Insiders Seen @ Fashion Night Out Vancouver

Sep, 6th, 2012

I walked along Georgia and when I reached Granville, I could see what looked like a festive party on the second floor of Holt Renfrew. Once inside the store I made my way towards the laughter and music. I reached the door and was met by an attractive blonde with a clipboard. I said I’m here to take a few photos for Fashion Night Out Vancouver (FNOV). She politely told me the party was a private celebration. She explained it was Holt’s way of celebrating its 175 anniversary with their VIP customers. I thanked her for her time and wondered, “Where was the FNOV celebration?” I guess sales discounts and staying open late was the extent of their participation…
As I made a bee-line for the exit I saw a lady in an amazing feathery mini skirt. I had to have a photo! Seconds later she was joined by two of her girlfriends.
Claudia (left) is a Fashion Stylist and she’s is wearing:
Blouse Pink Tartan
Skirt Juicy Couture
Purse Michael Kors
Heels Betsey Johnson
Aeron (center) is wearing:
Dress Michael Kors
Purse Michael Kors
Heels Michael Kors
Lyndi (right) works in the PR and media relations biz. She’s wearing:
Dress Jacqueline Conoir
Purse Michael Kors
Heels Max Mara

Sidewalk Style – Week 35

Aug, 31st, 2012

Mel was friendly and positive but late for a lunch date. I would have loved 5-minutes more.
Mel, send me an e-mail if you would like the other shot.
Jacket Le Chateau
Dress Aritzia
Purse Coach
Heels Michael Kors
(35-14, 11374 – 75)

Sidewalk Style – Week 35

Aug, 26th, 2012

I met Zhamilya and her girlfriend Arai just as I was about to head home. Zhamilya has never modeled, she’s an Accounting major. I liked her jacket’s squared shoulders and how her jeans contrasted with the rest of her outfit.
Blouse Club Monaco
Purse Browns
Jeans Miss Sixty
Heels Michael Kors
(35-11, 11303 – 06)

Sidewalk Style – Week 37

Sep, 6th, 2011