Zara Durrani, My Sidewalk Shoot With…

Apr, 18th, 2014

It was a warm sunny day when I met Zara Durrani at Malary’s Fashion Network. We travelled to Surrey/Cloverdale for the purpose of picking her “Raincouver” outfit. We decided to postpone the rainy day shoot and Zara picked a spring dress and shawl. The owner suggested the earrings and braclet. I picked the purse and heels from a store downtown.
During the shoot Zara shared the following information about herself:

  • Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn are her fashion icons.
  • In 2011 – 2012 she was the Producer and Host of “Life & Style with Zara”.
  • She spends her time traveling between Vancouver, Los Angeles and Toronto.
    • She’s been a recent guest star on TV shows Psych and Arrow.
  • She’s a yoga instructor
  • She owns a Vancouver-based production company which helps businesses market themselves.
  • She’s involved with Fashion Hope which strives to end human trafficking.

Needless to say she’s a busy lady!
Several of these images were featured in the Community section of the Asian Pacific Post newspaper.
Zara’s wearing:
Earrings: Zuka Amazonite (Vancouver Designer featured at Malary’s)
Dress: Fever London (Malary’s)
Bracelet: Christina C (Malary’s)
Heels: Guess
Click Malary’s Fashion Assignment to visit their site. 5755 176th St.

Sidewalk Style – Week 32 with Faith

Aug, 6th, 2013

It was a pleasant surprise to see Faith on the “sidewalk”. Aside from being a Financial Analyst she also models part-time. Click VFW Opening Gala to see Faith’s butterfly gown. Today’s she’s wearing her Heatwave heels. She bought them in Singapore.

Sidewalk Style – Week 22 with Janice

Jun, 1st, 2013

I met Janice on the “sidewalk” after she gave an Internet marketing presentation. I loved how she coordinated the colors of her watch, necklace and purse with her dress. As we chatted I learned she wears many hats. Most notably she’s a RAW Food Chef! That explains why her smile had such a healthy glow! It’s too bad we didn’t meet earlier. The sun was setting so fast I just a few minutes before twilight gave way to the darkness.
Janice’s wearing:
Dress Bebe
Purse Jeanne Lottie
Heels Jessica Simpson

Sidewalk Style – Week 21 with Joanna

May, 24th, 2013

Normally Joanna wears suits and 6″ heels but today she’s wearing her casual Friday outfit. She spent most of her day walking to her client’s offices so she chose her very comfortable 3 1/2″ H&M leather D’Orsay pumps. She works with “C” level executives and firmly believes in the “Dress for Success” motto. As we were chatting we realized we belong to the same gym!
Joanna’s Wearing:
Blouse H&M
Skirt Jacob
Purse Gucci
Heels H&M

Sidewalk Style – Week 26

Jun, 28th, 2012

   Oh my gosh! I wanted to photograph Sherry from the front soooo bad. She was
   really friendly but a bit camera shy. She was immaculately dressed in what looked
   like a navy blue cocktail dress.
Jacket Dolce and Gabbana
Heels Christian Louboutin

Sidewalk Style – Week 21

May, 24th, 2012

Sandra’s shiny shoes. She bought them at a second hand store with the price tags still attached!
Heels Michael Antonio

Sidewalk Style – Week 28

Jul, 8th, 2011