My Sidewalk Shoot With Yuliana

Jun, 11th, 2016

Boss Girl on the Go!

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Who needs Skytrain when you can hitch a ride on a passing truck! After Yuliana’s 9 – 5 job, she’ll take her son to baseball practice.
Several of these images were featured in the Community section of the Asian Pacific Post newspaper.
Yuliana’s wearing:
Suit: Express
Blouse: Express
Jewelry: Peppermint Pattee Designs
Purse: Aldo
Heels: Aldo
Special Thanks to Eva Svobodova for hair & make-up

Nakita Kohan, My Sidewalk Shoot With…

Apr, 17th, 2016

Have the longer days and warmer temperatures prompted you to look for last year’s swimsuit?
If you’re in the mood to mark your return to the beach, pool or boat deck in a new suit, HannahMiddletonSwim will send her 2016 collection down the runway on May 17th. Nakita’s wearing a suit from Hannah’s 2015 collection. Her new collection was inspired by Middle Eastern earth tone colors, geometric patterns and rope details. Naturally I asked if that meant her collection would be more modest than her 2015 collection. “No!” she replied. “I’m still making statement pieces for confident women. My designs tend to be quite sexy   because I design suits that flatter the female body.”
Twenty two suits will range from sporty and high waist to suits that can be worn to a fancy party. Hannah also offers a custom fitting as well as the ability to replace a thong bikini bottom with a conventional, full coverage bottom. Prices range from $120 – $200. At the end of the show guests will have an opportunity to meet Hannah and view the suits up close.
This is your opportunity to dress up! The fashion show is scheduled for Tuesday, May 17th at 7:30pm.   To purchase tickets, visit Prices range from $35 – $45. The fashion show will be held at Performance Works and the After Party will be held at the Sandbar Seafood restaurant. Both venues are located on Granville Island and parking is free after 4:00pm. Bus #50 has also has a stop nearby.
No sooner than Nakita moved to Vancouver (to pursue pilot season acting and singing) she landed a lead role in a new feature film in Alberta. Nakita was Miss Teen Canada 2012.
Several of these images were featured in the Community section of the Asian Pacific Post newspaper.
R!c styled Nakita’s outfit:
Flower Crown Hairpiece: Isabelle Collomb Paris
Bikini: HannahMiddletonSwim
Straw Hat: Daniele Meucci
Wrap Scarf: Larittia
Tote: Tommy Hilfiger Sport
Flats: Aldo

My Sidewalk Shoot With Asel

Mar, 16th, 2016

Command & Control

Asel is in “Command & Control” while wearing a dress first made popular by Kylie Jenner. Visit City Lux Boutique to purchase this dress.
Asel’s wearing:
Hat: Vintage, Army Surplus
R!c’s Jacket: Bedo Homme
Riding Crop: Boo La La
Dress: (the Nadia dress) from City Lux Boutique
Heels: Aldo

Hannah Middleton Swim, My Sidewalk Shoot With…

Oct, 31st, 2015

Boxers cause knockouts and Laura is a knockout!  She’s wearing a stunning magenta colored bikini from the Jewel Tone Spring 2015 collection of Hannah Middleton Swim.
Hannah is self-taught Vancouver swimwear designer. She got the inspiration to start her own company when people kept asking about the swimsuits she made for herself. She felt/feels most companies don’t tailor swimsuits for the female shape.
Laura’s suit is representative of the other pieces in Hannah’s collection. All are cut to accentuate the female shape. She knows her plunging necklines and thong cut bottoms are provocative. She says they are best suited for confident minded women that don’t mind being in the spotlight.
Hannah custom makes each suit with high quality nylon Lycra. Her prices range from $130 – $160.
If you’re planning a winter vacation to warmer climates click Hannah Middleton Swim for more information about her and her collection. Also click Vanstyles III to see a fashion show featuring her swimsuits.
To my surprise Laura isn’t a model. She’s helped Hannah a couple times but she’s student and dancer. She aspires for a career in the health care field.
Hannah did Laura’s hair and make-up! Special thanks to:

  • Aldo Shoes for the magenta colored lace-up heels
  • Griffins’ boxing gym


Sidewalk Style, Tucson AZ – Week 40 With Marissa

Oct, 3rd, 2015

The photo is very bright but it was taken at 9:00pm! Highwire Lounge was located at the end of an alley. The DJ positioned a speaker towards the main street to attract attention.

Marissa’s wearing
Blouse & Skirt: BBB Fashion
Heels: Charlotte Russe

Chade Aubrey, My Sidewalk Shoot With…

Sep, 27th, 2015

Chade (pronounced Char-day) has modeled occasionally to help friends but she works as a Freelance Fashion Stylist.
For our shoot Chade chose to wear her ChicWish dress (for the first time). She said the floral print was bold but not too overpowering. It made her feel classy and feminine. She added that it reminded her of a 1950’s Hollywood garden party. I added a red structured purse as a finishing touch.
Several of these images were featured in the Community section of the Asian Pacific Post newspaper.
Chade’s wearing:
Dress: Chicwish
Purse: Aldo
Heels: Zara
Special Thanks for Soirette Macarons & Tea
Make-up: Nikitasha Kapoor

Sidewalk Style – Week 37 With Sierly

Sep, 12th, 2015

I spotted Sierly amid the crowd of women wearing outfits destined for the Granville St. nightclubs. She was originally wearing a cream colored sweater jacket. When I asked if I could take her photo, she took off her sweater and gave me several strong modeling poses like a pro! What a pleasant surprise! I would have loved five more minutes but her husband and girlfriend were waiting patiently. Awesome mani/pedi by the way!
Sierly’s wearing:
Blouse & Pants: Aritzia
Heels: Michael Kors

Sidewalk Style – Week 37 With Ericka

Sep, 12th, 2015

Every weekend young ladies dress-up in short skirts and high heels as the visit clubs and restaurants in Yaletown, Gastown and Granville St. I met Ericka as she was handing out discount tickets to promote a club that recently opened. Her fiery red hair and flowing skirt were easy to spot. I liked how her hair acted as a pop of color for a classic red, black & white color combination.
Her make-up was the inspiration for her outfit. To get into the zone of “go get ’em” and chat with people about the new club, she chose a make-up style that felt bold, strong and aggressive. It worked! When she looked in the mirror she felt powerful and confident.
Ericka’s wearing:
Bodysuit: American Apparel
Heels Steve Madden

JoJo, My Sidewalk Shoot With…

Sep, 6th, 2015

Hippy Chick Chic
I was speaking with my friend Myriam who confessed she was a hippy at heart. The idea began germinating and a hippy themed shoot was born!
Then panic set in. How could I recreate a look from 40 years ago? I started by making a list of vintage shops. I stopped in Aldo shoes and to my surprise I found the perfect pair of 5″ platform chunky heels.
On the day of the shoot JoJo and I stopped at Club Monaco, Zara and Forever 21. It was amazingly easy to find floppy hats, fringed items and wide legged jeans. It was apparent the 70’s look is in-style for the 2015 fall season.
JoJo’s outfit came from the following stores:
Black & Red Hats: Aldo Shoes
Sunglasses: Claire’s
Black & Red tops: Forever 21
Vest: Forever 21
Jeans: Forever 21
Purse: Zara
Heels: Aldo Shoes