Sidewalk Style – Week 37 With Ericka

Sep, 12th, 2015

Every weekend young ladies dress-up in short skirts and high heels as the visit clubs and restaurants in Yaletown, Gastown and Granville St. I met Ericka as she was handing out discount tickets to promote a club that recently opened. Her fiery red hair and flowing skirt were easy to spot. I liked how her hair acted as a pop of color for a classic red, black & white color combination.
Her make-up was the inspiration for her outfit. To get into the zone of “go get ’em” and chat with people about the new club, she chose a make-up style that felt bold, strong and aggressive. It worked! When she looked in the mirror she felt powerful and confident.
Ericka’s wearing:
Bodysuit: American Apparel
Heels Steve Madden

JoJo, My Sidewalk Shoot With…

Sep, 6th, 2015

Hippy Chick Chic
I was speaking with my friend Myriam who confessed she was a hippy at heart. The idea began germinating and a hippy themed shoot was born!
Then panic set in. How could I recreate a look from 40 years ago? I started by making a list of vintage shops. I stopped in Aldo shoes and to my surprise I found the perfect pair of 5″ platform chunky heels.
On the day of the shoot JoJo and I stopped at Club Monaco, Zara and Forever 21. It was amazingly easy to find floppy hats, fringed items and wide legged jeans. It was apparent the 70’s look is in-style for the 2015 fall season.
JoJo’s outfit came from the following stores:
Black & Red Hats: Aldo Shoes
Sunglasses: Claire’s
Black & Red tops: Forever 21
Vest: Forever 21
Jeans: Forever 21
Purse: Zara
Heels: Aldo Shoes

Sidewalk Style – Week 36 with Daniela

Sep, 1st, 2013

The night time is the right time with Daniela after dark!
I met Daniela after the Rachel Liang concert. Her restaurant shift just ended and we were both on our way home. I asked what inspired her outfit. She said black & white were the “in style” colors for summer. Incidentally, this was my first nighttime Sidewalk shoot!
Daniela’s wearing:
Blouse Loft 82
Skirt Aritzia
Purse Marc by Marc Jacobs
Heels Aldo

Sidewalk Style – Week 34 with Ellen

Aug, 23rd, 2013

I noticed Ellen from the opposite side of the street. Amid the crowd of casually dressed people her polished appearance, striking haircut, platform sandals and LBD (Little Black Dress) were very noticeable. I thought she would be gone before I could cross the street but she was taking her late afternoon break. She bought her platform sandals in NYC. She said they are super comfy. I would have loved another 5 minutes but I was happy with the few images we were able to create.
Both of these images were featured in the Community section of the Asian Pacific Post newspaper.
Ellen’s wearing:
Dress Kimchi Blue (from Urban Outfitters)
Heels Sam Edelman

Sidewalk Style – Week 26 with Cora

Jun, 28th, 2013

Cora was waiting to meet a girlfriend for dinner.
Cora’s wearing:
Outfit Sindel
Purse Burberry
Heels Joy & Peace

Sidewalk Style, Chicago – Week 29

Jul, 21st, 2012

Sidewalk Style, Seattle – Week 19

May, 6th, 2012

   Helping Hand…

Toronto Fashion Week – Shoes Seen @ the Show (4 of 14)

Mar, 16th, 2012