Happy Birthday Skye!

Feb, 7th, 2013

Skye & Eleena
Love JennyFleur Loves

Skye invited me to photograph her birthday party. The celebration was held at the Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel downtown. I recognized several guests from other fashion events so I was able to ease my way into the group. The evening started off with so much promise. There were eight nicely dressed women to every guy (actually it was 10 to 1 not including Skye’s husband Joel). Everyone was quite comfortable smiling for the camera. Then it happened… The Fairmont Flash Police told myself and the other photographer that flash photography wasn’t allowed. We looked at each other in disbelief then began adjusting our camera settings. It was so dark where the 20+ group was seated it simply made sense to mix, mingle and munch. Skye took it in stride and said there would be other events. A bit later she made a toast, thanked her friends and handed out gift baskets to her girlfriends. Her pink birthday cake was decorated with a single candle and several tiny pairs of heels.
I had hoped to document the evening but instead I was limited to a few images. Had everybody known about the Pacific Rim’s restrictive no flash policy I’m certain the party would have been held at a different venue.
Skye’s wearing:
Dress Herve Leger
Heels Dior