Sidewalk Style – Week 23 with Grace

Jun, 7th, 2013

Grace had so much fun in front of the camera I didn’t want the moment to end. However it did end once her girlfriend arrived… I liked her Chanel-esque jacket.
Grace is wearing:
Jacket Deeo
Dress Banana Republic (Korea)
Heels Nine West

Sidewalk Style – Week 18 with Keiko

May, 3rd, 2013

Keiko was on her way to meet a friend. I couldn’t help but notice her toned legs and turquoise jeans. I also liked how she matched her purse and jeans. As we were chatting she mentioned she had taken fashion design classes and occasionally sews. However she’s not a designer.
Keiko’s wearing:
Jacket Guess
Blouse Bebe
Purse Nine West
Jeans H&M
Heels Nine West

Sidewalk Style – Week 35

Aug, 26th, 2012

I met Haein and her girlfriend Gina Sunday afternoon. We chatted about Vancouver’s casual fashion style.
Jacket H&M
Blouse Wood Wood
Short H&M
Heels Nine West
(35-10, 11292 – 95)