Sidewalk Style – Week 32

Aug, 10th, 2012

Socialite Skye N. Lintott was with her girlfriends when we met. They waited patiently while I took several photos. As I chatted with Skye I learned that she has modeled, has an interest in fashion and has a tattoo of her son’s birthday.
Necklace Liselott Montesano @ Basquait (a Yaletown boutique)
Dress Jenny K
Purse Yves Saint Laurent
Heels Valentino
(31-15, 10604 – 09)

Sidewalk Style – Week 18

May, 3rd, 2012

Vancouver Fashion Week – Shoes Seen @ the Show (3 of 4)

Mar, 25th, 2012

Heels Valentino

Sidewalk Style – Week 34

Aug, 20th, 2011

Heels Valentino