Sidewalk Shoot – My Friend Tukwila

Mar, 23rd, 2014

Anatomy of a Photo Shoot
Tukwila is an independent model from Seattle. Yes, Tukwila is her real name (it means “land of hazelnuts” in the Coastal Salish First Nations’ language). I met her and her husband Leonard at Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW) in October 2013. Tukwila “walked” for several designers during the Spring/Summer show.
09:00pm Saturday – We met by coincidence at a coffee shop in downtown Vancouver. She was here to “walk” for several VFW Fall/Winter designers.
11:00pm Tukwila got approval from her designer to arrive at 1:30pm Sunday for hair & makeup.
10:15am Sunday – We meet downtown to shop for two outfits.
     11:20am    Our arms are filled with three outfits, several blouses and skirts.
     11:30am    Panic is starting to set in. Time is running short and we don’t have a killer outfit yet.
     11:40am    We agree to find one look instead of two (because she won’t have time to change).
     11:45am    Tukwila starts trying on 12 different pieces. Some fit, some don’t, some don’t look well together. Sigh…
     11:50am    We all like the skirt Leonard found. I found a blouse and two fitted blazers. Things look promising!
     11:55am    I found heels and purse. We now have a killer outfit.
     11:57am    Tukwila, Leonard and I liked the smart, classy, “Springy” look of the outfit.
     12:00pm    We raced out of the store for the nearest Starbucks so Tukwila could change.
     12:05pm    We start shooting.
01:10pm We finish shooting and we say goodbye.
Tukwila is a modern day renaissance woman. In addition of being an independent model, she has a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts for dance, she leads a small dance troupe and she’s Owner of a green friendly cleaning company.
Several of these images were featured in the Community section of the Asian Pacific Post newspaper.
Tukwila’s wearing:
Blazer: Jones NY Collection
Blouse: Calvin Klein
Skirt: Walter Baker
Purse: Nine West
Heels: Jessica Simpson

Sidewalk Style – Week 27 with Galina in Seattle

Jul, 2nd, 2013

I couldn’t help but notice Galina’s 4″ heels black and shiny gold heels. As we waited for the light to change she said she bought her entire outfit at Nordstrom (which will be coming to downtown Vancouver soon). She was in a hurry so I didn’t have time to capture the detail in her faux leather, A-line skirt. It had repeating diamond & tear drop cut-out patterns along the bottom.
Galina’s wearing:
Blouse Top Shop
Skirt ASTR (Nordstrom)
Heels Steve Madden