My Sidewalk Shoot With Klara

Jun, 26th, 2016

My photo shoot with Klara took place one week before she participated in the Miss BC pageant. Rather than pick a cocktail dress or evening gown, I suggested we do something fun, summery and flowy.
Several of these images were featured in the Community section of the Asian Pacific Post newspaper.
I styled Klara’s outfit:
Sun Dresses: Forever 21
Boots Forever 21
Special thanks to Ting’s Makeup Artistry for hair & makeup!

Nakita Kohan, My Sidewalk Shoot With…

Apr, 17th, 2016

Have the longer days and warmer temperatures prompted you to look for last year’s swimsuit?
If you’re in the mood to mark your return to the beach, pool or boat deck in a new suit, HannahMiddletonSwim will send her 2016 collection down the runway on May 17th. Nakita’s wearing a suit from Hannah’s 2015 collection. Her new collection was inspired by Middle Eastern earth tone colors, geometric patterns and rope details. Naturally I asked if that meant her collection would be more modest than her 2015 collection. “No!” she replied. “I’m still making statement pieces for confident women. My designs tend to be quite sexy   because I design suits that flatter the female body.”
Twenty two suits will range from sporty and high waist to suits that can be worn to a fancy party. Hannah also offers a custom fitting as well as the ability to replace a thong bikini bottom with a conventional, full coverage bottom. Prices range from $120 – $200. At the end of the show guests will have an opportunity to meet Hannah and view the suits up close.
This is your opportunity to dress up! The fashion show is scheduled for Tuesday, May 17th at 7:30pm.   To purchase tickets, visit Prices range from $35 – $45. The fashion show will be held at Performance Works and the After Party will be held at the Sandbar Seafood restaurant. Both venues are located on Granville Island and parking is free after 4:00pm. Bus #50 has also has a stop nearby.
No sooner than Nakita moved to Vancouver (to pursue pilot season acting and singing) she landed a lead role in a new feature film in Alberta. Nakita was Miss Teen Canada 2012.
Several of these images were featured in the Community section of the Asian Pacific Post newspaper.
R!c styled Nakita’s outfit:
Flower Crown Hairpiece: Isabelle Collomb Paris
Bikini: HannahMiddletonSwim
Straw Hat: Daniele Meucci
Wrap Scarf: Larittia
Tote: Tommy Hilfiger Sport
Flats: Aldo

Zara Durrani, My Sidewalk Shoot With…

Feb, 8th, 2016

Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is not far away.
Instead of the traditional color of red, Zara and I found pastel colors of lavender, mauve, tan, grey and dusty rose for our themed shoot. She described the colors as soft and spring-like.
I picked the lace floral print skirt and blouse from the Couturist. The popular online site opened a pop-up shop (on Robson St. near Thurlow). After several weeks they will close their shop shortly after Valentine’s Day. However they will continue to serve customers online.
You may recognize Zara from her 2011/12 TV show called Life & Style with Zara. As a multi-talented individual she continues to keep busy as an Actress, Activist, TV Host, Producer and Model.
Several of these images were featured in the Community section of the Asian Pacific Post newspaper.
Zara’s Wearing:
Blouse & Skirt: Stella & Jamie (from the Couturist)
Belt: H&M
Heels: Joe Fresh
Beret & Sunglasses: Forever 21
Dress, Purse & Tights: Winners
Jacket: H&M
Booties: Nine West

JoJo, My Sidewalk Shoot With…

Sep, 6th, 2015

Hippy Chick Chic
I was speaking with my friend Myriam who confessed she was a hippy at heart. The idea began germinating and a hippy themed shoot was born!
Then panic set in. How could I recreate a look from 40 years ago? I started by making a list of vintage shops. I stopped in Aldo shoes and to my surprise I found the perfect pair of 5″ platform chunky heels.
On the day of the shoot JoJo and I stopped at Club Monaco, Zara and Forever 21. It was amazingly easy to find floppy hats, fringed items and wide legged jeans. It was apparent the 70’s look is in-style for the 2015 fall season.
JoJo’s outfit came from the following stores:
Black & Red Hats: Aldo Shoes
Sunglasses: Claire’s
Black & Red tops: Forever 21
Vest: Forever 21
Jeans: Forever 21
Purse: Zara
Heels: Aldo Shoes

Sidewalk Style – Week 36 With Karey

Aug, 30th, 2015

Karey and June attended the last Robson Square salsa dance of the year. We met shortly thereafter. Karey has an office job but she would like to start her own petite clothing line. When I asked about her outfit, she said the weather played a large part in creating the look she calls Vampy Bohemian. The grey clouds guided her to a darker fall color. The hint of rain caused her to wear boots, the hat was for the wind and her jacket helped keep her warm and dry.
Karey’s wearing:
Hat: Forever 21
Jacket: Bebe
Dress: Gifted from a family member
Boots: Arturo Chiang

Miss MySkyeBerryPie 2015 is Crowned

Apr, 19th, 2015

The first Miss SkyeBerryPie was crowned during the Miss Asian Vancouver Charity Gala at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia on April 11th. Miss SkyeBerryPie is the newest dimension to the online lifestyle boutique.
Founder Skye Natasha Lintott selected Deborah Yuen from a field of 10 contestants. Early in a pageant, Skye was struck by Deborah’s naturalness and quiet humble confidence. When I met with Deborah a week after the show she mentioned it was her first time speaking and performing in front of an audience. She confessed her legs were shaking just before she went on stage.   Once on stage she said, “I went with the flow and did the best I could.” For the talent portion Deborah played the Guzheng. The pageant also included fitness wear, day wear (by Rimpy Sahota) and evening wear (by Karmn). Contestants also created handcrafted items that were then auctioned to raise money for breast cancer.
When it comes to fashion, modeling, health and beauty Skye has a wealth of experience. However the messenger can be just as important as the message so Skye chose Deborah (19 years old) to connect with her younger viewers. Her duties have yet to be defined but it will involve volunteering and speaking at charity fundraisers   supported mySkyeBerryPie. Deborah will also be a runway model   for the site’s online store as well as local up and coming designers sponsored by mySkyeBerryPie. As Deborah settles into her new role, Skye begin mentoring Deborah. In turn Skye hopes that Deborah will one day mentor other girls.
Deborah entered the Miss Asian Vancouver contest as a suggestion by her mother. She is currently attending classes to become a make-up artist. After graduation she would like to travel to Japan and England to receive specialized training. Deborah also enjoys exercising and having lunch with her father on Sundays.

Deborah played “A Moonlit Night on the Spring River”
Skye & Deborah

My Sidewalk Shoot With Deborah Yuen

My inspiration for styling this shoot started when I saw Aldo’s Birchell heels. Not only did Deborah’s Guess dress match the style of the heels, it also matched the color. Many thanks to Aldo on Robson St. for the matching purse and sunhat.

Sidewalk Style – Week 15 With Kim

Apr, 5th, 2015

Kim’s best friend Jen

Fan Expo took place during Easter weekend but Kim didn’t attend. I spotted her on Alberni St. just outside Urban Merchant Tea. While chatting, she said the frills, feathers, bows and lace all have an over-the-top quality. It makes her feel like a lady of leisure when she dresses-up.
In addition to Urban Merchant Tea, Rose House in Kerrisdale and Pâtisserie Für Elise in downtown Vancouver are also popular tea house because they match the aesthetics of their outfits.
She also shared International Lolita Day is approaching. It’s a biannual event, held on the first Saturday of June, and the first Saturday of December. Kim is not an organizer and she’s not sure if Vancouver will host an event. However she’s considering attending the Seattle event. Click International Lolita Day for more information.
Several of these images will be featured in the Community section of the Asian Pacific Post newspaper.
Kim’s wearing:
Dress: Angelic Pretty
Wig: Lockshop Wigs
Hat: Handmade by Atelier Crossover (a local designer)
Purse: Vivienne Westwood
Hosiery: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Heels: Dream V

Hive Mind Millinery Interview

Oct, 11th, 2014

The artistry of haute couture millinery

1-on-1 with Dominique Hanke
During the past three years I’ve seen Dominique at numerous fashion events. We always chit chatted but today was the first time we actually had a conversation. After seeing her as a panelist for a Vancouver International Film Festival fashion documentary called, “Handmade with Love from France” I was inspired to learn more about haute couture.
Incidentally, local fashion designer Jason Matlo was the second panelist. Click Jason to view his collection and read my interview.
The final panelist was the film’s Director/Producer. Click Julie view a short clip of her film and read my review.

Where the magic happens!
Dominique on the cover of Weekly Entertainment (WE) 07.18.13
A man’s straw Fedora mixed with tartan fabric
A woman’s Bowler hat
A woman’s Boater hat
Bracken, Dominique’s daughter modeling a Cloche style hat

Q & A

R!c – Your designs are unique but the name Hive Mind suggests conformity. What’s the story behind your name?
Dom – It comes from my childhood. From a young age I was able to pick up on the cultural cues that influence trends. I felt comfort in the fact that I shared a similar mindset with the fashion world.
R!c – Baseball caps and toques are the norm for Vancouver. What other styles exist?
Dom – Race hats (horse racing) are: Fascinators, Whimsies and Perches. Traditional hats are: Top Hats, Cloches and the 1920’s style. Pork Pies, Bowlers and Fedoras are common men’s hats.
Hats also have seasonal influences. In the spring you’ll see wide brimmed sun hats. Summer brings out contemporary colorful straw hats for those that want to make a bold statement. In the fall you’ll see more romantic, vintage pieces.
R!c – In old B/W movies everyone used to wear hats. Today hats are special occasion pieces. What’s your perspective on millinery?
Dom – The 1920s – 1950s was the golden age of millinery. I absolutely believe there is a place for “traditional millinery” but I believe we ALSO have to push the envelope and evolve the art to keep it in line with the fast paced fashion industry.
R!c – What are some common misconceptions you have to overcome?
Dom – Women will try on one or two hats and if it doesn’t immediately impress them then they feel they don’t look good in hats. How many women do you know would say they don’t look good in jeans after trying on two pairs?
You need to take the shape of the person’s face into consideration. Sometimes tipping a hat a different way will give a woman the amazing look she expects.
R!c – What are some of the typical challenges you face?
Dom – On one hand, people are expecting to spend $30 at H&M. On the other hand they are quite willing to spend hundreds of dollars on labels because they are status symbols.
Sadly, there’s a disconnect with haute couture (hand made pieces) because people assume you can cut corners to lower your price. Sure I could use cheaper fabrics and a glue gun but there’s no satisfaction in compromising my standards. I can trace the fabric I buy back to the factory where it’s made. Basically there’s an educational component to help people understand my work and the value I bring.
R!c – Well, let’s help people understand the process. Please describe your business.

Client Pieces

I have two consultation meetings with my clients. In the first meeting
they choose the style, fabric and color of the hat. During their second
visit they pick the finishing details. Delivery takes 3 – 4 weeks from
the first meeting.
Collection Pieces

My collection pieces are for fashion photo shoots and runway shows.
They are unique, very creative art forms. It gives me a chance to
experiment, play with materials and figure out how to make
a new idea work.
1. Pick your hat’s wooden shape
2. Pick your hat’s color


3. Pick your hat’s fabric
4. Steaming (to soften) the fabric


5. Stretching over a wood block
6. Pinned to a wood block


7. Ready to set for 24-hours
8. Wiring preserves the shape


9. Hand sewn metal or nylon wire
10. Pick your hat’s trim & ribbon


11. Invisible stitching the trim
12. Invisible stitched ribbon
1. I sketch then select the fabric
2. I added a buckram to this piece


Close-up of hand-painted lace
Worn on the runway

Collection Pieces in Print and on the Runway

Editorial Photo Shoot – Johnny Se Photography
Hive Mind runway show, Vancouver 2013 – Kuna Photography
Editorial Photo Shoot – Paul Behm Photography
New York Fashion Week 2013 – TUR Photography

Contact Info

R!c – What enjoyment do you receive from making hats?
Dom – I like the feeling when something awakens in a client as a result of trying something different and unique.
R!c – Where can people reach you?
Dom –

Sidewalk Style – Week 9 With Christine

Feb, 28th, 2014

In Vancouver it’s rare to see a hat other than a toque or a baseball cap. So I couldn’t help but stop and chat with Christine. Her personality was as bright as her hat. She told me she bought it at the Granville Island Hat Shop.