Miss America Mallory Hagan at the Deighton Cup 2013

Aug, 11th, 2013

I met Mallory Hagan, Miss America 2013 with the assistance of Lj Public Relations. We chatted for a couple minutes on Friday and Saturday and I we had a mini photo shoot. I was scheduled for a sit-down interview but due to last minute changes the answers below were provided via e-mail a few days later.
Miss America’s wearing:
Fascinator Hive Mind Millinery
Dresses Joseph Ribkoff
Q&A with Miss America
Q1- You grew up in a small town in Alabama (the southern US) then you moved to Brooklyn, NY. Numerous contrasts spring to mind. Can you
       describe your initial impressions of your new home?

A1- I loved all of the culture in Brooklyn and that there were so many different nationalities represented.
Q2- Aside from Joseph Ribkoff are there any designers that make you melt inside?
A2- I love Ellie Saab and Rachel Zoe. Rachel’s clothing is so well-made and cut to perfection. I especially love her suits.
Q3- I imagine you work with a stylist for speaking engagements and social functions. Who did you select and what drew you to them?
A3- Unfortunately, Miss America does not get a stylist. I wish!
Q4- You’ve spent a substantial portion of your life competing in pageants. Now that you’ve won Miss America will you continue to compete or
       will you transition into a new endeavor?

A4- The buck stops at Miss America! I will use my $50,000 in scholarship money to complete my degree in Communications at the Fashion Institute of        Technology.
Q5- Do you have any advice you would like to share with young women following in your pageant footsteps?
A5- Be yourself. It sounds so cliché, but people can spot a fake a mile away. Win being YOU!
Thanks Miss Hagan!

Insider Seen @ A Peace of Fashion (4 of 9)

Mar, 16th, 2013

Nicolette is amazing. She’s not afraid to experiment and play “dress up”. At one event she’ll wear formal sparkly silver evening dress, another time she’ll wear a dress from H&M and another time she’ll top off an outfit with a fluorescent green boa! Nicolette is a Personal Stylist and here’s a link to her blog Nicolette Lang-Andersen.
Click here to see Nicolette’s:

Today Nicolette’s wearing:
Hat Hive Mind Millinery
Blouse American Apparel
Skirt River Island (UK)
Heels River Island (UK)

Goldie London & Hive Mind Millinery Collection Highlights @ Vancouver Fashion Week S/S 2013

Sep, 30th, 2012