Sidewalk Style – Week 30 With Ana Maria

Jul, 31st, 2015

I typically avoid photographing black outfits because it’s worn waaaay to often in Vancouver. I crave color! However, I make exceptions every so often. When I first saw Ana Maria I admired how she matched the black of her jeans to the black of her top. As we started chatting she said she was wearing a jumpsuit! As luck would have it, we met a year ago at fashion week. She’s a frequent guest of the front row. However, tonight she was on her way to meet friends for dinner. I asked about her jumpsuit and she said she picked it because she just left the office and needed to make a quick change.
Ana Maria’s wearing:
Jumpsuit: Guess
Watch: Rolex
Purse: Forever 21
Heels: Guess

Sidewalk Style – Week 33 With Serina

Aug, 10th, 2014

Serina bought a couple gifts and was headed to her girlfriend’s engagement party. She was really sweet, soft spoken and shy. It took a little encouragement but I got several nice shots before she had to leave.
Serina’s wearing:
Jumper Guess
Purse Kate Spade
Heels Aldo

Sidewalk Style – Week 31 With Perry

Jul, 31st, 2014

Perry’s marketing job takes her to LA frequently. There her choice of outfits are inspired by fashion on the street. In Vancouver it’s more challenging since street fashion is so casual. Today her choice of a floral jumper was influenced by the sunny beautiful weather. She bought her knee high gladiator sandals in Las Vegas. Her Gucci fashioned good luck charm is meant to resemble her French Bulldog Tank.
Perry’s wearing:
Jumper: Forever 21
Purse: Phillip Lim

Sidewalk Style – Week 25 With Anette

Jun, 20th, 2014

I met Anette and her girlfriend Katie as they were headed out on a Friday evening.
Anette’s wearing:
Romper or Jumper H&M
Heels BCBG

Toronto Fashion Week Day 4 – Insider Seen @ the Show (4 of 8)

Mar, 15th, 2012



Melissa yet again wearing something spectacular…

Hat Something Special (wholesaler)
Jacket Max Mara
Jumper H&M
Heels Michael Kors